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It’s been just over two years since X and Y were released for the 3DS, yet Game Freak are already teasing us with more and more Generation VII details. It’s almost unheard of that new leaks for the franchise would come anywhere other than CoroCoro Magazine, and March’s issue was no exception. After a teaser trailer for the cover reveal hit the web, the pages of the popular Japanese publication were soon uploaded in all of their scanned glory, revealing the upcoming new movie, Volcanion and the ingenious Magiana.

Magiana/Magearna (a possible combination of the Japanese words for ‘gear’ and ‘machina’) joins not only the long line of pocket monsters designed to resemble a Poké Ball, but is also supposedly ‘made by human hands’ over 500 years ago, thus adding to the select club of artificial man-made Pokémon, such as Castform, Porygon, and of course the legendary Mewtwo. Its design and colour palette are however noticeably similar to Diancie, the Rock/Fairy type released as a GAME exclusive back in 2014.

The plot summary of the new movie likewise gives hints that Magearna could be another Legendary, stating that Volcanion hunts them down in search of its ‘secret.’ This is widely presumed to refer to Magearna’s other forms, which could be a lot of fun both aesthetically and gameplay-wise considering it appears to be, alongside Klefki and Mawile, a Fairy/Steel type.

With Pokémon’s 20th anniversary just around the corner, it’s certain that more Generation VII designs and plot details will bombard us in the near future. Best not hold your hopes up though – Munchlax was unveiled two whole years before Diamond and Pearl’s release, so don’t let Magearna’s reveal make you dust off your 3DS anytime soon.

Last modified: 29th February 2016

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