Team Kenya charity launches #KeepUps4Girls initiative

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North-East charity Team Kenya has created a new footballing challenge to raise money to give girls a brighter future.

Established in 2008 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Team Kenya focuses on promoting gender equality in Ndhiwa in rural Kenya, and #KeepUps4Girls is its latest initiative.

The #KeepUps4Girls scheme challenges people to record themselves doing as many keepie-uppies as they can in 20 seconds. Those taking part then share the video on social media and donate £1 for every keepie-uppie they complete within the allotted time.

Newcastle University’s Team Kenya Society works with the charity. Its Treasurer, Chloe Knowler, had this to say: “Girls in Ndhiwa are unable to access the important benefits that football has to offer, making it harder to break down the barriers of gender inequality.

“Football also acts as a safe space for many girls in Ndhiwa, offering respite from challenges they experience in their home lives.

“The Keep-ups for Girls Challenge looks to continue the gender equality conversation, working towards ensuring that every girl has access to equal rights.”

Ndhiwa has been heavily affected by Covid-19. Consequently, girls have been missing out on the benefits of playing sport while the area is in lockdown.

Chloe said: “The effects of COVID-19 have been highly disproportionate in countries like Kenya where there is limited access to basic resources.

“Schools are closed, and gender-based violence has increased dramatically since lockdown procedures have been implemented.”

However, while the effects of Covid-19 have been severe, Team Kenya has been providing much needed support for women in the area.

Chloe pointed to statistics to highlight the importance of the charity’s work: “Only 15.7% of girls are estimated to continue into secondary education in Kenya, and COVID-19 has posed the threat of the majority of girls not returning at all.”

To take part in the #KeepUps4Gsirls challenge and donate, follow this link: https://www.teamkenya.org.uk/keepupsforgirls/?fbclid=IwAR2RCEfiS_YCAcREZls82CE8c9VDhNiOEx6ZtmZmbtIMEpFp797wzv5uGd0.

The Team Kenya Society supports the Team Kenya charity by holding various fundraisers throughout the year. To get involved with the society, contact their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/newcastleuniversityteamkenya/about/.

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Last modified: 5th October 2020

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