The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict: What’s happening & why?

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The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is a perfect example of an already complicated and delicate situation being escalated and worsened by foreign intervention and misinformation. Almost all human rights organisations agree that a peace agreement must be reached soon. This is the only way to avoid the conflict becoming even more devastating.

The conflict between the two countries has re-emerged over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. The area is recognised by the UN to be part of Azerbaijan, but the majority of the population is made up of Armenians. It is governed by the unrecognised Republic of Artsakh. This isn’t the first time conflict has occurred over this territory, but there has been a general stalemate which had lasted since the end of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in 1994.

The territory of Nagorno-Karabakh had been heavily contested long before this year’s skirmishes.

Foreign intervention from Russia and Turkey has done little to help. The Turkish President Erdoğan proclaimed his support for Azerbaijan over Twitter and has since been arming Azerbaijani forces. Conversely, Russia has expressed support for Armenia, but claims to be acting a peace broker in the conflict. Other foreign states such as Canada and the UK have condemned the violence and called for a ceasefire, without supporting either side.

Foreign intervention in the conflict has increased tensions between Russia and Turkey.

Like most situations, it hasn’t been helped by the information spread on social media. Reporting in this way is often false and only confuses the situation and creates hysteria in which a peace deal cannot be reached.

The situation concerning Nagorno-Karabakh has never been a simple one, and it will certainly not be resolved through separatism and hasty foreign intervention. Whilst I do not speak on behalf of either Armenians or Azerbaijanis, it is safe to say that the best solution for both parties is a peace agreement that is long-standing and avoids any further casualties.

Featured Image: ‘Flag of Artsakh’, Needpix.com

Last modified: 26th October 2020

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