The Brexit Party cannot be Sirius: Nigel Farage kicks out alien immigrant from candidacy race

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Just when you thought politics couldn’t get any more other-worldly, the Westminster circus provides yet another oddity to pique one’s interest, this time in the form of a hopeful Brexit Party politician who believes she is from the star Sirius. She was swiftly removed from the party for her claims that she is not a member of the human race, which begs the question: does Farage’s racism know no bounds?

Brexit Party has amassed 115 000 members since being established last November
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The bizarre situation arose from Nigel Farage’s declaration of war against Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party. Farage was initially willing to cooperate in the upcoming general election by offering a pact not to stand against the Conservatives in competitive seats, so long as Boris made a promise to throw away the deal that he had spent the last three months negotiating. Johnson couldn’t afford to accept these terms: without his deal he is as vulnerable as a tortoise without his shell. The rejection sent the two right wing parties spiraling into a political conflict which can have no victor. Farage retaliated, rallying his troops and leading the battle-cry to fight for 600 of the 650 constituencies; a war that may leave a lasting bruise on Johnson’s leadership come 12 December.

To stand in 600 constituencies, the newly birthed Brexit Party had to find 600 representatives, and fast. Party chairman, Richard Tice, said that candidates had undergone “significant” vetting,  but they obviously did not read their tarot cards correctly when they let Jill Hughes slip through the net, a self professed believer “in elves/fairies/mermaids/unicorns and all things Elemental and Other Worldly”, a topic on which she writes in great detail in her book ‘Spirit of Prophecy’. Upon finding out about their alien employee, who travelled 8.6 light years before settling in the Batley and Spen constituency, Farage swiftly removed her from the Brexit Party, as she didn’t align with the values of their anti-immigration ethos.

If the Brexit Party can’t find 600 reasonable candidates, it cannot be trusted

20 more Brexit Party candidates have since dropped out the election race prematurely, during early days of campaigning. If the party cannot even find 600 reasonable, politically literate human beings to run as the representatives of our nation, then surely they cannot be trusted with some of the most sensitive and important legislative decisions to have ever faced this country.

It seems, then, that perhaps Brexit Party members should reconsider their stance on leaving the European Union and instead focus their efforts towards returning to their homeland, in a galaxy far far away. For some, that would come as welcome news.

Last modified: 11th November 2019

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