The Corbyn Revolution?

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Once again, a General Election beckons, and the eyes of the nation turn to the polls.

Around this time in the political calendar, people cannot also help but look back. Johnson seems to be in a strong position, yet in 2017, the Labour Party made surprising gains against May. That said, in the local elections this Spring, the Liberal Democrats stormed ahead to the detriment of both parties. All these examples prove are that, at the moment, the election is anyone’s game. However, I believe we can gain a little more perspective by looking further back.

The behind-the-scenes influence of Rasputin is similar to that of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Dominic Cummings
Image: Wikimedia Commons

The situation faced by Russia in 1917 bares more than a few similarities to Britain today. Nicholas II was seen by many opponents as a bumbling cretin, who lacked the basic skills necessary of an effective governor, just as many see Johnson. Nicholas personally commanded the army, and soon became seen by many as responsible for its failures, a situation Johnson must dread, after his championing of Vote Leave. Finally, Nicholas ran his country through Rasputin, a dark outsider, universally condemned by supporters and opposition (Cummings and Mogg are both rather good fits here).

Similar circumstances to now have been used to do the impossible

What is more, the Russian people were growing angry. The war was going badly, the country was generally believed to be in the hands of the incompetent, and nobody knew how to proceed. Lenin exploited these factors and used them to do the impossible: soon after, a red nation rose like a phoenix from the ashes.

So, only one question remains. Can Corbyn do the same? That, comrade, depends very much on you. 

Last modified: 12th November 2019

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