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Cover your ears, we’re about to get noisy. Today we asked our writers to chat about a song that they feel needs to be played loud! So turn up your volume and get ready to be blown away

‘When the Levee Breaks’ – Led Zeppelin

I’ve always thought that this is an unfairly under-rated Zeppelin tune. Plus, there’s just something inherently epic about its soaring guitar solos and crashing drum beats that make it the kind of song that NEEDS to be blasted. Its melodic drumbeat is also oddly calming- it’s slow, loud, and weirdly hypnotic all at the same time.

Em Richardson

‘Fire’ – Kasabian

Forget one song – this is a band which needs to be played loud. Their loud bass melodies and heavy guitar distortion, labelled by guitarist Serge as “future rock”, are renowned heavily in the music scene as some of the best melt-your-face-off tones out there. When I had the pleasure of seeing them headline Leeds Fest in 2017, ‘Fire’ was a highlight. With an introduction which is instantly recognisable, they had complete control of the audience, who erupted into a huge ball of energy when the chorus dropped. Listening to it on full blast in my bedroom is the closest I’ll get to the intensity of that day, until I see them live again!

Tom Moorcroft

‘Houseplants’ – Squid

“We’re still making plans for Nigel” – this is a song about the cultural malaise amongst young people, the frustration that we’re never going to have that beautiful house/wife/automobile that David Byrne talked about and our parents and grandparents have; but maybe you wouldn’t notice, because you’re too busy dancing to the funked-out weirdo krautrock instrumental. Squid are one of the most exciting bands coming out of the late 2010s, mixing angular guitar riffs with horns and Brazilian percussion instruments to create their chaotic yet always tight brand of art-punk. The single was also produced by Dan Carey, who is releasing some absolute bangers on his label Speedy Wunderground, which are also well worth a listen.

Tom Leach

‘Play it Out’ – DMA’s

DMA’s have been my favourite band for a while and they’re definitely one of the best upcoming bands on the indie scene. ‘Play It Out’ is one of them songs that radiates live gig energy. Whenever I listen it makes me feel like I’m there, with the amount of energy that the song has. This needs to be played on full so you can hear all the riffs, especially at a time like this is brings immense memories of the vibe of festivals and gigs.

Hope Lynes

‘Supermassive Black Hole’ – Muse

I’m a strong believer of feeling the effect of music, this song is one that hits hardest when played at full volume. This was the first single to be released from the album Black Holes and Revelations was intended to be a shock and cause a stir, this is mostly down to how different the tune was to so much of Muse’s previous works. A song with a strong beat and, even stronger lyrics, mostly about being annoyed. Although I do think most music should be played loud, none as deserve to be cranked up as much as this one.

Patrick Harland

‘Tame’- Pixies

Pixies famously described their song structure as quiet, loud, quiet. This is best shown in ‘Tame’ as the song alternates between stripped back quiet sections, consisting of Black Francis panting and whispering over Kim Deal’s bassline, and deafeningly loud heavy sections with screamy, growly vocals. It’s the perfect song to rock out to and has to be played as loudly as possible.

Stanley Gilyead

‘Dakota’- Stereophonics

An absolute noughties classic coming in from Stereophonics. This song is truly beautiful, both lyrics and composition alike, it deserves to blow the speakers in my opinion. Whether I’m driving up the A1 back to The Toon or performing my one woman show to the toilet and the sink, this song is always on the playlist and is always on full whack. Also, on a completely unrelated note, Kelly Jones’ welsh accent is so blissfully calming its honestly worth a listen too.

Isabel Ellis

‘Lets Dance to Joy Division’- The Wombats

‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ is such a classic, feel good indie song that it has to be played loudly. Even if The Wombats aren’t your usual taste in music, there’s no doubt that with the carefree lyrics and catchy guitar riffs you will want to play this song loudly. It’s a great song to lift your mood and reminisce – released in 2007, it’s definitely been played at parties/clubs throughout the years. The Wombats’ debut album has a number of songs with the same feel that need to be played with the volume up, such as ‘Kill the Director’ and ‘Moving to New York’. This makes it a perfect album for when you want to blast out some lighthearted indie tunes.

Phoebe Eyles

‘Never Fight a Man with a Perm’- IDLES

‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’ is a song that simply has to be played loudly. Everything about this song is angry, from the menacing bass line and raw energy of the drums, to the aggressive riff and Joe Talbot’s rage-infused lyrics about “heathens from Eton” and “plastic Sinatra’s”. IDLES are one of the most politically and culturally attuned bands around at the moment, and when they make their point, they tend to make it loudly, so this track is definitely one to turn the volume up for.

Tom Hardwick

‘Monkey Wrench’- Foo Fighters

It was a choice of any Foo Fighters song here and ‘Monkey Wrench’ is a tune where the volume needs to be ramped up. All the instruments are incredibly fast and it’s got a quick and catchy chorus, although in all my years listening to the Foo Fighters, I still can’t sing the really quick verse without taking a breath! A great song, and an absolute belter live, crank the volume up and bask in the greatness of Dave Grohl and the gang.

Rebecca Johnson

‘You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat’- Death Grips

‘You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat’ by Death Grips off of their Album Government Plates is a song that screams at you, angrily demanding to be played loud. It’s one of their harshest and angriest tracks, and MC Ride’s psychotic vocals really add to the intensity of the track. The music video, which features Ride angrily snarling at the camera for its entirely really captures the energy of the track. I enjoy the looks on people’s faces when I put this one on.

Muslim Taseer

‘Numb’- Linkin Park

Linkin Park are one of the bands of my teenage years and ‘Numb’ is one of their best songs for a reason. It encapsulates everything great about the band. This song is full of teenage angst and soul and for that reason can only be played at one volume- ALL THE WAY UP. Since the untimely death of lead singer Chester Bennington there hasn’t been a voice quite like his in the music world, powerful and beautiful in equal measure. I got to see them a few years ago on their Hunting Party tour and I haven’t head a live voice quite like that since. ‘Numb’ is one song that never disappoints.

Dominic Lee

Last modified: 10th April 2020

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