The Courier Sport presents: The best England XI of all time draft

Written by Sport, Sport Features

Here at the Courier Sport, we’ve been a bit lost without our sports fix at the moment, so here we present the best England XI of all time draft.

Like an American-style sports draft, our team of editors and writers have taken it it in turns to pick England players to build up a team of XI, with our readers voting who has the best side.

The rules are as follows: each writer takes it in turns to pick any England player they want. Once a player has been selected, they are not available for any other writer to pick. This continues until each writer has a team of XI, with a manager, which is then put to a vote by our readers.

Which will be chosen by our team for their best XI pick? Find out in the next few days in the Courier Sport Best England XI draft!

Last modified: 25th March 2020

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