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As with many things in our world, the curation and sharing of art has become increasingly digital; you can find many talented illustrators among the masses of artists flocking to platforms such as instagram to display their work. This article serves as a little rundown of some brilliant (in my opinion – I guess art is always subjective) illustrators you can follow on Instagram, so you can easily get an artistic fix without even having to leave your bed.

@keiross – Kier mainly uploads images of his sketchbook, depicting realistic scenes of streets, travelling, and occasionally politicians, mostly line-drawn in black & white. He’s an Englishman living in Berlin so (predictably) is known to post satiric illustrations concerning politics, if that’s your kind of thing.

@monachalabi – Mona Chalabi is a data journalist, who, in addition to her vibrant and informative illustrations on instagram, creates content for a host of renowned publications – including the Guardian, the BBC, National Geographic and Netflix. She posts easy to digest graphs & and charts on her instagram, illustrated with colourful and funky pictures.

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Source: UK Ministry of Housing

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@skbirdsong – Stephanie posts a mixture of polished pieces and sketchbook shots on her spirited instagram feed, often taking inspiration from popular culture as well as imagined scenes and figures. She somehow makes to-do lists into a work of art – see her account for confirmation.

@gemmacorrell – Now a famous artist, Gemma Correll is an illustrator with a very unique style who covers topics ranging from mental health, to mensuration, to seasonal cartons, to cats and dogs. Her illustrations are colourful and funny and often relatable – find her instagram below and join her already impressive following.

@bertavallo – Posting a mixture of black & white and colour illustrations, all of London-based Berta’s artwork is incredibly intricate and always fascinating. Lots of her work, like the post pictured below, combines several smaller people, buildings and symbols meshed into a wonderfully energetic piece.

Instagram can be a handy way to both get inspired if you’re a visual artist yourself, or a brilliant place to marvel at talented artists – or both. To find more artists you may want to follow, be sure check out the trending pages on hashtags like #sketchbook or #illustration.

Cover photo credit: Instagram @skbirdsong

Last modified: 5th February 2020

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