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Disney Parks: every child’s dream destination. What is there not to love? The fantasy land of dreams, where Mickey and Minnie live a life of eternal love, where Princesses live waiting for their Prince Charming to whisk them away, and where you can dine with Winnie the Pooh!

The Disneyland parks have amazing restaurants, live shows, castles, fireworks, rides, and more. But which is the best Disney Park? Each one is magical in its own way, and whichever one you choose will be a magical time. Here are some of the well known Parks and why they are so special.   

First up is Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando, Florida. This is probably the most well known park, with the highlight being Cinderella’s Castle. When the fireworks are set off at night, it fills you with such a warm feeling, being surrounded by children and families who are all enthralled at the magic of the castle and of Cinderella herself. But this is not all that there is to look forward to in this park, with the meet and greet of many Disney characters consistently catching the attention of many children. It is possible to meet Minnie and Mickey, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, to name but a few, and they are all in their special settings. You can meet Alice in Wonderland at the Mad Tea Party, Peter Pan in Fantasyland and Rapunzel in the Princess Fairy Tale Hall. The opportunities are endless, and to capture these it is possible to buy a signature book for these characters to sign. But Magic Kingdom is not just about the characters, there is much more to it, with its rides also being a huge attraction, the biggest of them all being “Space Mountain”. This ride plunges everyone into darkness, and proceeds to take 180 degree sharp turns, taking you to the outer reaches of space: very fun for the thrill seeker travellers.  

The Disney Parks of Orlando are numerous, and as well as the most famous Magic Kingdom, there is also Animal Kingdom. The highlight of this park evidently is seeing the vast array of animals on offer, including many which are labelled as vulnerable species, like the African Elephant. There is a lot of choice including African birds, flamingos, gibbons, giraffes, tigers and zebras. But my favourite part of this park were the shows that were put on, including Finding Nemo (The Musical), where the acting and singing is amazing. Immediately, they plunge you into that happy holiday mood that every Disneyland Park aims to do.  

Orlando is the home to many parks, but Disneyland Paris is also a very unique experience. The main attraction of this park is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, which has been recognised by critics as one of the most beautiful Disneyland castles ever built. Sometimes, the idea of going to Paris Disneyland instead of the Orlando Disney World seems like an underwhelming experience. But this is certainly not the case, with there being so much to enjoy in Paris. Its rides are not to be missed, with “It’s a Small World” being a ride for the whole family. It consists of sitting in a boat and being taken around miniature versions of different countries, sailing through the water, a family friendly ride but one which everyone will enjoy.  

Being a traveller that has been to both America’s and Paris’ parks, I can safely say that whichever park you go to, the magic of Disney will hit you.

It is the children’s fascination at where they are, and the constant happy atmosphere of the place that is so enthralling. The rides allow you to constantly be busy, and the food is amazing to try. There are also Disney parks in California, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and if Paris and Florida are anything to go by, then visiting all the parks will create special memories to be treasured forever.  


Last modified: 16th February 2019

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