The Rise of Jaclyn Hill

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Over the past few years, the beauty realm of YouTube has sky rocketed. The ‘influencer’ has become a mogul.

With that said, growing beauty companies have recognised this and used it to their advantage. Thus, the likes of MAC Cosmetics, Becca, Morphe and even drugstore brands like Maybelline have teamed up with influencers and celebrities to boost sales and their brand.

One of the most famous influencer collaborations we can draw upon is the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette. It was hyped up for three years before it was released, by Jaclyn herself who made her followers aware that she was working on a palette. The hype was insane. Fans of Jacyln and Morphe couldn’t believe their luck, albeit they did have to wait years for the product. Although Jaclyn didn’t explicitly reveal the brand, her more dedicated fans suspected that it was with Morphe as Jaclyn was such a big admirer of the brand and had worked with the owner, Linda Tawil, in the past. So, the long-awaited palette suffered delay, after delay, after delay, after delay. Excuses were made by Morphe and Jaclyn to her followers online and people were getting impatient.

The launch date was finally announced as 21st June 2017 and priced at $38. Famed for their fair prices (the average palette costs around £20), this amount didn’t quite add up. Morphe was supposed to be a cheap, good quality brand, and those were the reasons why Jaclyn loved it. Since this release, Morphe has rebranded and all of their products seem to have increased in price. But almost doubling the price of a palette because it has Jacyln Hill’s name on it and pretty packaging? Unsurprisingly, people weren’t impressed. In my opinion this was an exploitation of Jaclyn’s huge fanbase as everyone knew it was going to be hell to get your hands on. All this said, the palette obviously sold out immediately, and has since been restocked hundreds of times.

The collaboration has even expanded to an ‘ultimate vault’ of Jaclyn’s favourites. And the same thing happened this summer; delay, after delay, after delay, after delay. Leaving it till just six days before the supposed released date (June 26th 2018), Morphe announced that fans would have to wait longer for the products. From the announcement of the delay, it took Morphe an entire month to tell fans when they could buy the palettes. Quite frankly, this is unacceptable from a big, now rebranded, company and is unfair for those excited to buy from them.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Morphe and Jaclyn did another collaboration with multiple delays. It seems they’re making a tradition of it. Personally, I think this collaboration is an absolute disaster and exploits Jaclyn’s fans. Though not all influencer collaborations are like this, I see them as environments that can manipulate fans and cause trouble in the beauty community.


Last modified: 21st April 2020

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