The rise of sober students: teetotalism is the way forward

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Often, when you come to University, a main worry students have is the pressure of drinking culture. This is particularly true of places such as Newcastle University that is renowned for it’s clubbing and trebs. Recently, however, more students are opting to be teetotal, with 36% of 16-24 year-olds not touching alcohol according to a survey done by University College London.

So why the sudden change?

Firstly, I think a lot of students are deciding to remove away from alcohol due to the cost. It’s no surprise that alcoholic drinks cost a bomb. Barring Spoons, some pubs charge you £4-£5 for a single Gin. On top of rent and buying books, alcohol sometimes just isn’t in the budget. Freshers’ week alone can have students spending almost £100 – £200 on alcohol. Imagine the things you could splash the cash on when you’re teetotal? Winter boots, tickets to see Sam Fender, a cheeky nandos… you’re going right in my basket!

Alternatively, a lot of students just don’t want the pain of a hangover. If you can still have fun, make friends and go out without having to drink and have the banging head and nausea in the morning, why not go teetotal?

And with the rise of teetotal students, Universities are now having to accommodate. For example, societies are having to stress that there is no pressure to drink and soft drinks will be available for socials. Some Universities even have teetotal societies available for students who feel their drinking choices may alienate them when it comes to socials in other societies. In addition, freshers’ week often has alternative night time activities that don’t involve drinking such as comedies, bingo and much more.

Not drinking allows you better sleep, a better state of mind, and most definitely a better and healthier body!

Another major reason a lot of students are minimising their drinking habits is due to their health. Believe it or not, despite the delicious taste of some of our alcoholic beverages, they contain a LOT of sugar and calories. And if we’re binging on a weekend, well, I’ll let you imagine how many calories you may have consumed during a 2 hour pres. Some students just don’t want the hassle of the weight gain anymore. And rightly so, by becoming teetotal, you’re a lot healthier. Not drinking allows you better sleep, a better state of mind, and most definitely a better and healthier body!

Hopefully, with a lot more students becoming teetotal and the University accommodating for this in fresher’s week, societies and socials, students will feel a little less worried about drinking culture when coming to University for the first time.

Last modified: 21st October 2019

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