The Time Machine: February 19th 1982

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There comes a time in every performer’s life when they must ask themselves why they peed on the Alamo whilst wearing a dress. On this day, February 19th, in 1982, Black Sabbath frontman and bumbling brummie John Michael Osbourne (aka Ozzy) did just that, under the influence of what this intrepid journalist believes to have been a metric tonne of drugs and alcohol.

So blitzed was Ozzy that wife ‘SHARON!’ hid all of his clothing in hopes of keeping him from heading out intoxicated. Unfortunately, she left her fashionable peignoir hanging on the door and Ozzy saw no shame in throwing the old thing on and going for a walk. He headed to the Alamo Mission – the pride of San Antonio – and decided that was the spot to take a piss.

Oz’ would say he thought it was a pile of rubble, perhaps mistaking it for the AT&T Centre (am I right Mavericks fans?). Ozzy’s wee mistake would cause him to be banned from playing in San Antonio for ten years.

Also on this day in 1995: allegedly swastika tattooed, wife beating class act and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee married large chested ‘actress’ Pamela Anderson, on a beach in Cancun, Mexico. Famous for the bridal wear (she wore a white thong bikini) and infamous for the wedding tape (the tape… the famous tape… that tape…), the event(s) are perhaps more relevant for setting a sad precedent for the years to come, where fading and tasteless celebrities would have sex tapes ‘leaked’ and engage in shotgun weddings, to ensure they found column inches in the turn of the millennium paparazzi press. Lee and Anderson would have two children before divorcing three years later (he assaulted her), then would briefly reunite after his release from prison (for attacking a Jewish photographer).

Finally, on this day in 1996, a jet-lagged Björk was videoed making an unprovoked attack on a journalist upon her arrival in Bangkok. She apologised, and any regret is considered ‘possibly-maybe’ (see what I did there?)            

Last modified: 19th February 2018

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