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During the Easter Break I made the decision to subscribe to the WWE Network to watch old episodes of Raw, Smackdown and matches featuring the greatest wrestler of all time, Chris Benoit. When I heard of the Throwback section in The Courier, I decided it would be a great time to give you readers a throwback to something a little bit different, the Katie Vick series of Monday Night Raw episodes.

Picture this, it’s October 2002, both The Rock and Austin’s careers are pretty much done leaving Triple H as the guy to be the top star on Monday Night Raw. Triple H was the World Heavyweight Champion and playing the role as a heel (bad guy). Burn victim, brother of the Undertaker and murderer of both parents, Kane was somehow going through a run as babyface (good guy) being put into a feud with Triple H for the title. Sounds like any other episode of wrestling, right? Ah, well, this is where things get a little interesting.

“Most people cite this as the most infamous moment in Raw history, with good reason”

In true bad guy fashion, Triple H decides to bring up Kane’s crooked past. Of course, we all know this is going to be pretty juicy saying as Kane was meant to have killed both of his parents in a blaze. Triple H decides to bring up a girl from Kane’s past, known as “Katie Vick”. Katie Vick is revealed to be the ex-girlfriend of Kane who died after Kane crashed drunk driving home from a party with her. So this is a pretty dark storyline, somewhat uncomfortable, but after all wrestling is staged. A week later things took a turn for the worse. Triple H, wearing a Kane mask, went to the funeral home where Katie Vick’s coffin was. Triple H stepped over what was meant to be an effigy of her and start pretending to have sex with it. Most people cite this as the most infamous moment in Raw history, with good reason.

The feud eventually died down after Triple H defeated Kane at the No Mercy PPV at the end of the month and Triple H went on to be a multi time World Champion and Kane went on to later bury his own brother alive, electrocute Shane McMahons manhood and let’s not get started on how he got Lita pregnant back in 2004…

Although necrophilia hasn’t been an idea used for storylines in the WWE since, there has still been some controversial angles like the aforementioned Kane and Lita storyline, Mohammed Hassan having masked men try and behead Undertaker the same day of the 7/7 bombings and the worst of all, the time when Randy Orton told Rey Mysterio that recently deceased friend, Eddie Guerrero was in hell. In the summer of 2008, the product entered a new PG era after years of edgy content. The product is still very much in this form, with wrestlers starting to show blood in matches only very recently. The closest thing to a cringeworthy segment was the recent House of Horror’s match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. It wasn’t cringey in an offensive way, more in the fact that it was awful.

Fun fact, the guy who played Kane, Glenn Jacobs is actually now running for mayor of Tennessee. Typical politicians, having skeletons in their closets…

Last modified: 9th May 2017

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