Throwback: The League of Gentlemen

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As we await the new series of The League of Gentlemen with baited breath there’s no better time to revisit the twisted world of Royston Vasey. It is a truly faithful – if over the top – tribute to all things weird and Northern. I grew up in a small mining village in Northumberland and I had never seen anything resembling my world on the television that wasn’t a ‘Kitchen Sink’ drama until I first set foot on the foreboding moors above Royston Vasey.

I was introduced to the dark world of L.O.G. at about ten years old. The music starts and we follow a hiker into The Local Shop, Steve Pemberton peers from behind the door made up as a hideous, humpback crone. Within minutes this opening scene descends into kidnapping, a terrorising tirade and pitch-black-joke after joke. The tone of the entire show was set. It was grotesque, funny and genuinely scary. I loved it.

“It is a truly faithful – if over the top – tribute to all things weird and Northern.”

It is a unique, perverse slice of comedy gold. Tailored to a very specific sensibility. If you love your humour dark and your horror unsettling, this is the show for you. So, why don’t you get the train to the end of the line, disembark at Royston Vasey, jump in Bab’s cab and book in at The Windermere. Grab some special stuff from Hilary Briss and swing by the pub for three bluebirds with Geoff, Mike and Brian. A word of warning to all tourists however, you might want to give infamous tour guide Herr Lipp a wide berth and maybe avoid The Local Shop, too. Have fun, but remember once you’re there, you’ll never leave.

Watch the link for more information on the new episodes!

Last modified: 11th November 2017

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