Time to close the blinds on Fenwick’s Christmas window?

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2019 is drawing to a close, which means that it’s time to don your hats, scarves and voting slips for that potential December election. It also means the return of one of the most overhyped and underwhelming parts of Christmas. Nope it’s not the annual prospect of a white Christmas, but the unveiling of the Fenwick’s Christmas window.

As a youngster pottering around town with my parents, the prospect of the Fenwick Christmas window was exciting. It wasn’t a ginormous affair, instead a humble window display you’d mooch along and peer at, before promptly forgetting it existed and turning your interests elsewhere.
Like everything else when you get older, the Fenwick window has turned shit. No longer is the window this humble little display, no it’s far worse. The window has a “build-up” which starts a couple of hours until the “official unveiling”, where families and Christmas window enthusiasts are encouraged to stand in the November cold and get hyped for whatever wonderful winter display Fenwick have decided to shove at us this year.
Even after the “unveiling” the window causes all sorts of bother. You can’t have a wander down Northumberland Street without getting caught up around the area outside of Fenwick because the Geordie people like all good Brits are bloody queuing up to look at the window. It’s unprecedented nonsense. Then there’s those sneaky bastards, who don’t want to queue, they instead loiter around the window to get a quick glance. Christmas crowds are frustrating at the best of times never mind Christmas window crowds.
The maddest thing about this window is that it’s been running for over forty years. Recent windows include Alice in Wonderland and Paddington, which was a pretty wild one too. Last year’s was the story of the Snowman, a staple of Christmas viewing/reading. Call me a Scrooge, but the last thing I want to be reminded of is the ending of that one- it’s pretty cutting than seeing the lad sobbing over his melted magic friend whilst you’re on your way for a Greggs.
As a Christmas lover, the Fenwick window is too much for me. Let’s get back to Christmas basics, Fenwick, have your window, but let’s not have a DJ set opening it up, and let’s scrap the window queues. It’s a little bit daft.
How do you feel about Fenwick’s new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory window? Are you a festive fanatic or a grumpy Grinch? Tweet us at @courieronline and let us know your opinions.


Featured Image: Paddington Bear Instagram, Wikimedia Commons, Goodfreephotos, Public Domain Pictures, Flickr

Last modified: 20th November 2019

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