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James Corden, infamous for being one of the few brits on American television, runs an equally popular series called Carpool Karaoke. In its essence, the show is just James driving alongside a musical celebrity and singing along to their songs. The guests who star on his show surprise us but what gets everyone hooked is Corden’s marvellous voice and the way he gets into the groove. Here are my top five must watch Carpool Karaoke videos.

[pullquote]Lopez’s carpool karaoke is one of the ultimate feasts to the eyes[/pullquote]
1. Barbra Streisand

This one is my top choice not only because it’s Barbara Streisand but also because Corden is at his best in this video. His pitch and throw of voice really come through and the camaraderie between Streisand and him is utterly fascinating. The highlight of the entire video though is Barbara Streisand’s sense of humour that is on point every time. The pair sail through the tough notes of ‘No More Tears’ and ‘The Way We Were’. They also talk about Streisand’s highly noticed absence from the music scene and what got back her into it which to all her fans must be a prize all by itself

2. Adele

This carpool karaoke brings a smile to everyone’s face solely because it’s two brits in a car drinking tea and singing along to soulful music. They kick off the show by singing ‘Hello’ and Corden’s melodious voice catches Adele by surprise too at one point. The also discuss Adele’s hilarious behaviour when drunk and James potentially joining her on stage during one of her shows. Finally, Adele also shows a side of her not many have seen before by singing along to The Spice Girls and rapping to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Monster’

3. Jennifer Lopez

Lopez’s carpool karaoke is one of the ultimate feasts to the eyes because not only is she as gorgeous as ever but also, she manages to show us some of her moves in the limited space of a car. The two of them are completely dramatic during their renditions of ‘Booty’ and ‘Locked out of Heaven’. Corden even gets Jennifer to hand over her phone at one point and allow him to text a person on her contact list which ensues in a hilarious chat between them. But what you should definitely watch this one for is the Spanish song that Jennifer Lopez’s sings that will pull at your heartstring

4. Shawn Mendes

Albeit being a few months old, this video is one that you will laugh out loud at. With a whole lot of head banging and rhythmic hand tapping, the pair manage to capture your heart throughout the video. They also discuss Shawn’s fanatic love for all things Harry Potter and Corden’s lack of fighting skills. The pair’s voice meld together like honey when singing ‘Mercy’ and ‘In My Blood’ which leaves the listener mesmerized. Ultimately, they also hilariously discuss Canada’s tradition of ice hockey and Shawn even teaches Corden a few moves on the ice

5. Michelle Obama (during her time as the First Lady)

The video start with James wandering into the White House and Michelle Obama surprising him as the tour guide which leaves even the viewer flabbergasted. This is on my top five list mainly because it’s the First Lady and one of the few non-artist celebrities on the show. They do sing along to the First Lady’s favourites including Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé. They talk about what she would miss when leaving the White House, what their secret service code names are and what projects Michelle is currently involved with. She manages to answer them with equal amounts of humour and sophistication, exactly like a First Lady would.


Last modified: 7th December 2018

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