Top 5 Console Exclusives

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5. Pikmin

I’m keeping this list fresh by only mentioning exclusives from the current generation of consoles, that is why Pikmin 3 features at number two. I love the Wii U, as I have mentioned multiple times, but when I had to pinpoint which game is my favourite for it, there is no other answer than Pikmin 3. The long awaited sequel to the Gamecube’s kidified RTS series, Pikmin 3 has got to be one of Nintendo’s finest efforts yet. The game is just brimming with personality and colour and it’s the first entry in HD, meaning you can see your Pikmin be devoured in such quality!

4. Nioh

Nioh is the latest game I’ve picked up in my collection, not even realising it’s a PS4 exclusive! Nioh, or Samurai Souls as it may be referred to is the first soulslike game not developed by From Software what’s been done right. Think of the over the top intense gameplay of Ninja Gaiden within the Souls formula and that is Nioh to a T. Although I still haven’t finished the game yet, I have loved it so much so far that I feel it is a possible game of the year contender, only in February! Souls fans on Xbox One and PC, I think it’s time to get a PS4…

3. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I’d like to give some love to portable gaming, that’s why the next entry is Uncharted for Playstation Vita… Just kidding, don’t be so stupid, it’s Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds. A modern retelling of the SNES classic A Link To The Past, A Link Between Worlds is quite easily one of Nintendo’s best entries in the franchise. Although it doesn’t differ too heavily to the SNES original, it still felt very fresh, a true testament to the ability of the game designers at Nintendo. This easily ranks very highly as one of my all time favourite Zelda games.

2. Until Dawn

Yet another Playstation 4 game makes the top five. I’m no fanboy, it’s just really hard to call Killer Instinct and Forza Horizon 2 exclusives when they’re also on PC and 360 respectively. Until Dawn is a horror game which was released in 2015. The game is centred around a group of friends in the middle of a scary scenario. The game takes on many tropes of teen slasher movies, whilst allowing the player to make their own choices. It’s up to you to try and make all six of the characters survive to get the best ending.

1. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is simply the greatest exclusive game of the current generation. To put it bluntly, Bloodborne is Dark Souls on crack. Set in Yharnham, you take on the role has the hunter through this action packed RPG. Quite possibly the hardest From Software game made, Bloodborne focuses heavily on fast paced action packed combat as opposed to Dark Souls’ more patient and defensive combat. This game is absolutely gorgeous, taking advantage of the Playstation 4’s hardware. To me, this is the definitive PS4 game to own. When PC gamers rave about their superior hardware, just remind them they can’t play and mod this masterpiece.

Last modified: 27th February 2017

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