Top de-stress destinations across the North East

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As many of you may or may not know, this week is International Stress Awareness Week. As students, we all know the overwhelming nature that stress can have and how it can take a hold of our everyday lives.

With mid-term assignments looming, and the fear of exams on the horizon, many of you may feel completely overwhelmed and lost. This article is here to give you just a few places that are perfect destinations to de-stress across the North East.

Jesmond Dene Park

Most students who have lived in Jesmond will know how beautiful and tranquil Jesmond Dene Park is. Situated in the heart of Newcastle, this hidden gem offers something for everyone. With its old-fashioned windmill, waterfall and copious trails, this is the perfect place to appreciate nature and its calming effects on the body. It also has its very own Pets Corner which is perfect for any animal lover.

Image Credits: dun_deagh from Flickr

The Quayside

The Quayside is another highlight of Newcastle that boasts a spectacular view and is the perfect place to unwind. With its own seasonal mini beach and deck chairs, you can take in the sweet northern air and watch the world fly by. If you’re wanting a quieter experience, visiting the Quayside early on a morning or on an evening introduces you to a whole new world; with breath-taking sunsets or sunrises, this place never fails to impress.

Image Credits: chrissuddes0 from pixabay


If you’re willing to trek a little further afield, Tynemouth is a chic seaside town only half an hour away on the Metro. Boasting numerous bars and shops along its main high street, this is the hub of life during summer. Whether it’s going down to the beach, eating fish and chips, or wandering around the old priory, this quaint seaside-resort has so much to offer, and takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the City Centre.

Image Credit: WISEBUYS21 from Flickr


Whether you’re neck-deep in assignments or just want to get out the house, these places are perfect to unwind and de-stress. Aligning yourself with nature not only excites your endorphins, but also allows you to really appreciate the city that we live in.

Feature Image Credit: Tama66 from pixabay

Last modified: 4th November 2019

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