Top New Year’s Eve Celebrations Around the World

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When the preceding year comes to a close, there comes a great celebration. For many cultures around the world, New Year’s Eve marks an evening of social gatherings and parties – a time to reflect on the past year with family and friends (and maybe a bottle of prosecco).

Some may say that on New Year’s, it’s best to go out with a bang. And that’s exactly how they do it in London. Regarded as one of the most exciting events of the year, London’s New Year’s Eve firework display, located on the Victoria Embankment and South Bank areas of the River Thames, attracts many visitors every year, both domestic and international. Beginning around 8:30 every year, giving you a chance to explore exciting, festive London prior to the big firework event, visitors are treated to an impressive display accompanied by festive songs and current chart-toppers. Questions have arisen as to whether the famous countdown will be announced digitally rather than the classic chimes due to Big Ben’s refurbishment due to end in 2021. So, who knows? There’s a first for everything.

Now to the other side of the Atlantic – New York, New York. The Big Apple is famous for hosting its monumental New Year’s Eve every year – accompanied by the iconic ‘Ball Drop’ in Times Square – one of the world’s busiest and exciting locations. Otherwise known as the ‘Times Square Ball’, the event has become a significant part of New York’s New Year’s celebrations and is said to attract over 1 million visitors this year. Anticipation runs high throughout the streets of New York as the ball begins to descend on the countdown. When it hits midnight, the streets are flooded with millions of pieces of confetti dropped from seven surrounding buildings of Times Square. It is also said that 190 workers are required for the big clean of the confetti post the celebrations. That’s one job I don’t envy.

If you’re lucky enough to ever visit Rio de Janeiro, that’s great, but even more so around New Year’s Eve. Famous for its extravagant celebrations and parties, Rio de Janeiro is one of the world’s most popular and exciting locations to bring in the new year. Falling in the midst of the Brazilian summer, festivities include large parties with drinking and dancing, accompanied by a mesmerising firework display. In Brazilian culture, New Year’s Eve marks the time of the year to forget all your troubles and encourages people to let their hair down to truly enjoy the celebrations ahead. The big event falls on Copacabana Beach – globally famous for its massive firework display. Visitors are encouraged to attend wearing white clothing – to symbolise the end of the year and emphasise the new beginnings ahead. The evening is celebrated with friends and family coming together to embark on another year ahead – a truly classic celebration.


Last modified: 8th December 2018

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