Toss a coin to your…Superman?

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After the apocalyptic fallout of 2017s Justice League, it seemed that Zack Snyder’s DC Expanded Universe dream had collapsed. Universal all but cast Snyder aside as well as Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill seemingly leaving the roles for good. But as with any good superhero film when all hope seems lost there will be that glimmer of hope.

And that hope has of course come in the form of the recently announced Snyder Cut of Justice League coming to HBO max, something many fans have been asking for basically since the original film release. But turns out DC fans are getting even more good news as Henry Cavill has announced that he is in talks to reprise his role as superman.

It is unlikely we will see him in Wonder Woman 1984, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad or Matt Reeves’ The Batman

Sadly, this does not mean we will be getting a Man of Steel 2 any time soon as Cavill won’t be making a stand-alone film. But that still doesn’t mean we are limited in what could happen with Superman in future films with some very exciting matchups. It is unlikely we will see him in Wonder Woman 1984, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad or Matt Reeves’ The Batman as they are already quite far along in development and this news has only just come out, but there are a few characters we could quite feasibly see coming up against the Kryptonian. And who better than freaking Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

In case you didn’t know (maybe you have been living under a rock, pun intended) but Dwayne Johnson is set to play one of the strongest characters in the DC universe, Black Adam. This character has had an interesting history with him playing both a hero and a villain. He shares a very similar power set to that of Shazam, whom he tends to be the primary antagonist of. However one of the biggest moments of the comics is when we first meet Black Adam when he is pitted not just against Shazam but you guessed it, Superman. All we can hope for is this epic match up for the characters because if it turns out to be Cavill’s last turn in tights he should at least go out with a bang (or a shazam).

Last modified: 28th May 2020

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