Trinkets and Treasures: students tackle the exhibition of memories

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Do you remember the first time you went to the cinema last year? Or the first time you travelled by train the year before that?

Trinkets and Treasures is an exhibition that focuses on why people
make collections, creating a vintage atmosphere. Visiting this exhibition is like travelling back in time and taking a peek into someone else’s belongings which seemingly hold no value – but, in reality, the story behind them is extraordinary.

The exhibition has been curated by students from the MA Heritage Studies programme who were given some boxes full of items but weren’t aware of the fact that they were donated, and had a story behind them. The students decided to tell the story of those objects, working for months to recreate the nostalgic and voyeuristic feelings evoked by these trinkets and treasures, in order that each visitor to the exhibition is emotionally involved just as they were themselves.

This exhibition invites viewers into a stranger’s mind, showing items that have different connotations for each visitor. Trying to connect the dots between the items is stimulating; it allows the mind to wander and maybe recollect long-forgotten memories.

Items such as birthday cards, metro tickets and more showcase the small, everyday occurrences that due to the quick pace of life we tend to leave behind or bury in our minds. It is a great reminder to seize the moment and appreciate the small things in our lives. It can, in some ways, inspire us to keep our own box of memories of objects that bring back those precious moments.

Additionally, Cabinet is an exhibition programme located in the same building as Trinkets and Treasures, which offers the opportunity to gain experience in the exhibitions department. From the cabinet of curiosity to the exploration of identity, the aim of this programme is to provide the resources and the facilitation to empower students to propose and mount their own exhibitions. Cabinet selects three exhibitions from students to participate in the programme, no matter their stage, and provides a budget of up to £200 to create an exhibition.

Trinkets and Treasures can be found in ARMB 3.16.

Interested applicants to Cabinet should email a 300-word statement to cabinet@newcastle.ac.uk.

Last modified: 25th February 2020

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