Trump TV: The Apprentice and WWE

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So it’s been almost a month now since Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. As the Alt-right rejoice and the Social Justice Warriors whine online over Trump, the world is currently divided on Trump at the moment, making social media a toxic breeding ground of hateful people from both sides a long with making the city centres of multiple places across the world a great place to get a few Instagram likes by sharing a picture of your smug self with a hilariously cringey sign insulting Trump. For those of us who care more about TV, I think it’s now the perfect time to explore the multiple ventures into TV programmes that Donald Trump has made.

I’d like to start with my all time favourite appearance of Trump in TV. It’s 2007, the deadman, The Undertaker has won the World Wrestling Entertainment Royal Rumble to earn his place in the main event of WresleMania, facing World Heavyweight Champion Batista for the title… but more interestingly, Donald Trump was facing off against Vince McMahon in the battle of the billionaires. Sadly McMahon didn’t physically fight Trump, as he would probably have ended him, but instead they both had WWE superstars to represent them in the ring. McMahon had the late Umaga fighting in his corner, whereas Trump opted for former marine and abuser of steroids, Bobby Lashley to fight Umaga to see who is the better billionaire… oh and Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee. Trump, being the good guy did win the match, then preceding to humiliate McMahon by shaving his hair off. There are plenty of clips of this on YouTube, and I cannot recommend it enough to watch them, a true testament to how good WWE used to be.

“There are plenty of clips of this on YouTube and I cannot recommend it enough to watch them, a true testament to how good WWE used to be”

Apart from Trump’s minor appearance in WWE, he was also the star of the U.S Apprentice. The Apprentice is a great show, especially the U.K version, I mean who doesn’t want to see wannabe business folk try and become the apprentice to Donald Trump himself? If you’re unaware of the shows format, people who probably think they’re smarter than you and me have to do some business related challenge, designed to be hard to see how they cope in that environment. They’re split into two teams and the team who loses has a member fired by Trump on national TV.

It’s a great show, but sadly the formal and serious nature of the show means that Trump cannot be his normal idiotic self. It does say a lot about the American voters that the star of The Apprentice is their president, imagine Sir Alan Sugar being our Prime Minister? No thanks.

Last modified: 16th February 2017

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