Trump: What’s his next move?

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With a sweeping majority of 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, Joe Biden took the US by storm to win the 2020 election. But, what does this mean for Donald Trump? What will he do now?

After a highly rigorous campaign trail and rally’s just days before election day, Donald Trump saw a crushing defeat to Joe Biden. An enormous amount of postal votes meant the election was too close to call in so many states, especially in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

On the 7th November after a prolonged counting process, the media acknowledged a winner. But, it wasn’t over just yet. Just as major news outlets broke the news, Trump waged war on Twitter, spouting claims of election fraud and claiming he did in fact win.

In this past week, Trump has bombarded the senate and states across the US with sweeping lawsuits to investigate the system. The majority of such lawsuits were found in states where Biden clinched victory – Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Michigan. Funnily enough many of which have already ended in dismissal.

So what does this mean for Trump? With inauguration of President Biden on the 20th January next year, it doesn’t feel like Trump’s crusade will end any time soon. After all, with 70 million ballots cast for him, the end of Trump’s reign will certainly not mark the end of Trumpism.

More recently on the 14th November, millions of Trump supporters gathered in Washington DC. Protesting false claims of election fraud, the self named ‘Million MAGA march’ drew thousands to the city. Evidently, Trump fanatics are still there in numbers.

“As a country we need to stand up and unite, and stand together for truth and for our freedom.”

Trump Supporter, The Telegraph
Million MAGA March, 14th November

Predictions on what will become of Donald Trump vary. Some see him returning to the reality star/businessman trope before his venture into politics, whilst others see his time as President so damaging to his businesses that he will never recover.

For me, I don’t see Trump’s era ending anytime soon. The Mexican border wall, immigration camps and many controversial policies will live on as a legacy of America’s most turbulent presidency.

More still, with supporters in every state of the US and ‘Make America Great Again’ ringing in everyone’s ears, it’s too hard to predict Trump’s next move. The man may fade into the shadows, but the rampant age of Trump will not end in 2020.

Last modified: 16th November 2020

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