TV Time Travel: Lost

Tom Cooney rebuffs the hate

Tom Cooney
30th October 2018
credit: wikipedia


Lost is a show that’s experienced huge shifts in its popularity over the years, being one of the highest-rated shows in America across its first few seasons, and one of the most controversial in its last.

What started out simply as a plane-crash survival series slowly developed into a complex patchwork of mythical lore, time-travel and tropical polar bears. I’m here to defend all six seasons of the J.J. Abrams-produced classic, right up until its ending in 2010. You read that right, I even stand by that infamous final episode.

One of the most appealing elements of Lost has always been its huge cast of characters. From day one, we were introduced to a wide variety of people who had survived this disaster, all of which with their own distinctive personalities and histories. It is the flashback structure of the show that gives each member of the cast their moment in the spotlight. So, even when the present-day plot began to lull into another quest for food, water or radio-signal, viewers could always revel in diving deeper into these characters’ often equally tragic and shocking backstories. Another aspect of the show’s casting that deserves a great deal of recognition is its diversity. Beginning in 2004, the landscape of TV was certainly not as multicultural as it is today. Lost was a shining exception to that rule, with Oceanic Flight 815 holding passengers originating from places ranging from South Korea to the UK.

The relentless twists and turns consistently thrown at the audience add another level of excitement to the show’s already action-packed viewing experience. Barely an episode went by without a shocking moment immediately cutting to black and leaving the viewer to pick their jaw up from the floor. These – coupled with Lost’s intricate web of mysteries – are what make it one of TV’s most addictive watches. Who can forget learning what was lurking within that hatch, what exactly was going on with the smoke monster, and how Sawyer managed to come up with a witty nickname for every person he ever encountered?

All things considered, there isn’t a single person who I wouldn’t recommend Lost to. It has drama, comedy, sci-fi and mystery – and contrary to popular opinion, only maintains its quality throughout its six-year runtime. And to those of you who’ve heard that the ending revealed that the show was merely all a dream, I’d say give it a watch for yourself. It might just surprise you.

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