Newcastle flour company help during shortages

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With lockdown bringing the UK to a stand-still, there has been a notable shortage in supermarket staples. And with more and more people baking, flour has become something of a rare sighting at supermarkets. With a sharp increase in public demand, manufacturers and suppliers are struggling to keep up.

Gilchesters Organics is just one mill in Northumberland who are working at full capacity in order to provide the nation with this much needed flour. This company usually sells its flour to larger companies, with 85% of its exports supplying restaurants and bakeries.

Notably, they provide flour to high-ranking London companies such as Great Scotland Yard and The Clove Club, as well as our very own Café 21 here in Newcastle.

One such London company, Dean and Robin, has been working closely with Gilchesters Organics to bake fresh bread for hospitals across London. Dean and Robin have been baking 120 loaves every week to feed the growing number of hospital patients. It does not stop there, however, for they have also been producing small food bags for NHS workers on the frontline.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Gilchesters Organics have been working around the clock with companies such as Dean and Robin to ensure our frontline workers and patients are fed, as well as supporting local businesses who are experiencing the strain of lockdown.

“We’re a small team and we’re ensuring social distancing which, of course, makes things a bit tougher”.

Gilchesters Organics

As a family-owned business, Gilchesters Organics are feeling the strain of COVID-19, and yet are understanding of the current situation we are all faced with. Whilst our baking lives are struggling under the pressure of flour shortages, small companies like Gilchesters Organics are out there fighting to make a living, and helping to provide those in need with this simple staple.

Last modified: 12th May 2020

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