Valentine’s Make-up Releases

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With Valentine’s Day getting closer, it’s time for a little love in the make-up department. Brands like LUSH, Kiko, Lorac (if you’re willing to pay shipping) have gone into 2018 with a bang by launching Valentine’s Day collections, giving you (or your other half) the perfect excuse to get your hands on some make-up goodies.

LUSH: Though being known for its infamous bath bombs, body scrubs and shower gels, LUSH has also dived into the world of makeup. For 2018’s Valentine’s collection, the line is filled with pink and red goodness and extends to the make-up category with lip products. There’s a lip scrub called ‘The Kiss,’ retailing for £5.95 to go with a matching lip gloss retailing for £6.50, also called ‘The Kiss.’ The scrub, just like their others, moisturises and brightens the lips, making a perfect base for the gloss. The gloss itself also serves to moisturise but unlike the scrub gives a shiny pink hue to the lips, perfect for a natural Valentine’s look. They both smell divine too. 

Image Credit: @lushcosmetics (Instagram)

LORAC: Though the shipping and customs prices are admittedly hefty, if you’re feeling like a splurge to show yourself and your make-up collection some lovin’, this is the place to go. Lorac offer a bundle of products for just $23 with a $91 value – so the crazy shipping prices can be justified. It includes their Ruby lip lustre, Crimson blush, 3D liquid lustre diamond, Cobra mascara and Serenity eyeshadow. The collection will create a perfect natural look, or it could be paired with your normal base products to get a more glam pink look. I’ve tried one of the blushes myself and the pigmentation and longevity is amazing. I’d pay £20 for the blush alone so this bundle is a steal!!

KIKO: Kiko have come into 2018 strong with their Valentine’s collection called ‘Lip Me Lots.’ Featuring a highlighter, a blush, an eyeliner, two lip products, a brush and a make-up bag, you can create the perfect cohesive look – plus, getting out a make-up bag that matches the products inside it is extremely satisfying. The blush and highlighter are baked, in a heart shaped pan and retail for £11.90. The black double ended eyeliner has a heart shaped stamp on one end and the other is a felt tip liner. With a five star review on their website and retailing for just £7.90 I’d say it was a bargain because you can make a really unique look with it. One of the lip products is described as a lip enhancer that adjusts to your pH to create a unique colour for just £5.90. The other is an ‘extreme matte’ lipstick that comes in six shades from a hot red to a nude, to a deep purple through to classic pink tones. This retails for £6.90. The brush is a kabuki, retailing for £12.50 – you could probably do without this but the packaging is metallic red so it’s cute because it matches. And finally, the make-up bag, retailing for £12.50 is covered in kiss marks to match the packaging perfectly. All in all, I love this range and think it’s a good way to revamp your collection as a treat.

Last modified: 12th February 2018

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