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If a friend I follow on Instagram is about to explore a new place, I better be prepared for tons of pictures starting with the boarding pass at the airport and an in-air sky picture. This is followed by a number of Instagram stories and posts. And then, would it not be a sin if you didn’t post a couple of pictures on Facebook or Snapchat too?

Once uploaded, waiting for the number of likes to go up and replying to everybody’s comments is a ritual. Cliché travel pictures and multiple hashtags have become a thing, #mountainsarecalling, #travellerforlife and why not!

Perhaps, the idea of showing off has become predominant. Everybody’s life has to be interesting, or at least appear so for social media. Amidst all this unwanted stress, we somehow forgot to wholeheartedly enjoy the new destination.

The things people do for a good picture are absurd. After climbing a 16,000-ft. peak, snapping a selfie at that height has become more important than reflecting over one’s achievement and enjoying the mesmerizing view. While kayaking, taking a video of the boat with all their friends cheering is a must. People even tend to overlook the fact that their phone or themselves could fall into the water!

The increasing number of deaths while trying to take a picture has alarmingly gone up. I see people stand right next to the #noselfiezone and take multiple pictures even with this signboard. Trying snapchat filters while crossing the road can be perilous but who cares? I must upload it before the phone battery dies!

Does breaking rules make a person cool? Are these pictures worth somebody’s life? Is the pressure of social media overshadowing our ability to think logically? These are questions you must ask yourself.

I like to travel a lot. Taking pictures is definitely a part of your travel adventures – but it’s not all of it. Looking at the amazing pictures on travel blogger feeds is without a doubt inspiring and makes you want to travel more. I take a lot of pictures and love to experiment with new photography techniques, but safety comes first. Nothing can come at the cost of your life and well-being.

These are certain things I do and it might be helpful for you too. When taking pictures, be aware of your surroundings. Nature is beautiful but never predictable. Do not take a chance when at an altitude or with water. Doing things to get an uncommon picture might be tempting but be sure that it is safe. I do not upload any pictures whilst travelling. I try to stay away from social media which allows me more time to notice the little things we might otherwise miss out on. I would always suggest to switch off the internet connectivity of your phone when on a trip. Let go all your worries and just enjoy. Once the trip is over, I get back home, edit the pictures and then post. This saves me from all the unwanted anxiety while travelling.

Last modified: 15th November 2018

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