What body positivity means to me

Written by Beauty

To me, body positivity is the right to exist as I am, unchanged. I don’t have to diet, ever. I don’t need to fit into a smaller size. I don’t need to purchase bogus detox teas. I can eat chocolate and cake without worrying about outing on weight. I don’t need to weigh myself.

However, I don’t necessarily need to love what I see in the mirror, either. I just need to learn to appreciate my body for the amazing things it allows me to see and do, rather than for how it looks.

Together, my body and I have danced under Niagara Falls, made numerous friends, and spent numerous hours dancing with said friends, rode the longest zipwire in the world, and climbed a waterfall.

My cellulite and love handles had absolutely no impact on my ability to do any of these things.

To the past me, who struggled with obsessive dieting, I’d say this: life’s too short. Words can’t express how much I regret the time I spent starving myself, counting calories, and desperately trying to avoid all food-related social events.

In fifty years’ time, I hope I’m able to reflect on all the delicious food I’ve eaten, rather than on hours spent counting calories.

Last modified: 3rd December 2019

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