What impact will the ECB cricket season’s delay have on the game?

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There’s no sport which is more important to the British than cricket. It defines our summers. Long shadows on the pitch, warm beer, and days in the sun at Lords. However, this year the cricket season will not take place in spring and summer, but is planned for August-October, with matches taking place behind closed doors. While the delay is obviously not good, this decision has been taken with a view towards County Cricket and T20 matches taking place this summer, and is ultimately optimistic.

While this is good news, we will most likely get to see some cricket this summer. We can hope for a good August and September, but let’s not delude ourselves, the weather will not allow for the season to proceed as planned, just at a later time.

This will also have a significant impact on the careers of young County Cricketers, who experience more anxiety over their prospects of getting another contract. Less chance to play means less chance to be spotted, and to show your ability. As clubs look to cut the size of squads, the dangers of a long-term impact on the sport grow.

More than that, it’s just miserable. A summer without pubs is bad enough, but a summer without cricket, merely a year after our scorching world cup victory, is just sad.

Professional cricketers play all year round, all over the world, and this should be a time for Lords to be the centre of the cricketing world, where the best team in the world play.

It’s also personally disappointing

We don’t get much sun in this country, and when we do, we often play cricket. My cousin comes over from Italy every summer, and we spend a lot of time together playing cricket. Without them, it just isn’t summer for me, and without cricket, this county isn’t Britain. It’s just another country.

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Last modified: 5th June 2020

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