What to do for halloween: House party vs Going out vs Staying in

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Hung up over what to do this Halloween? This time of year can get a lot of people spooked out, trying to plan outfits, buying club night tickets or hosting a party. Here’s some ideas on how you can celebrate Halloween this year.

A house party is a great way to celebrate Halloween, have all your best mates over dressed in the wackiest of outfits without the stress of entry fees, club queues and melting make up. You can take lots of great photos in your ghoul-y getup and  it’s a brilliant way to save money (unless you go all out on the decoration, drinks and snacks!) But you can easily decorate your living area at a little cost. Put on a themed playlist and you’re ready to have a blast!

there are plenty of quick and easy Halloween make up tutorials and outfit ideas online

Alternatively, hosting a party can sometimes be a bit messy, so why not go to a themed club night where all the work is done for you. If you buy your tickets in advance, entry fees are often not expensive and worth the money, as a lot of effort goes into themed club nights. . If you’re worried about what to wear, clubs often have a particular theme towards their Halloween night out, so perhaps this could guide you in the direction of what to wear. There’s so many different themed nights, so you can easily find one most suited to your taste. Nevertheless, if you’re not very inventive, or on a tight budget, there are plenty of quick and easy Halloween make up tutorials and outfit ideas online to help you out.

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If a club night isn’t really your scene, but you love all things Halloween themed and spooky, why not stay in and host a horror film marathon? Decorate your flat and make some Halloween-y snacks. Plan which films you want to watch and sit back and enjoy. You could also do some festive activities such as  pumpkin carving to get you in the Halloween spirit.

If Halloween is your favourite time of year and you love both partying and a quiet night in, why not do all three activities? Halloween festivities can be stretched over the course of a week, so why not host a party, go out on the Toon and end the week with some of the best Halloween film classics. Happy Halloween!

Last modified: 29th October 2019

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