Which Netflix show would you cancel to spare another’s fate?

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Whilst Netflix frequently cancels fan-favourites, we ask ourselves how other Netflix Originals still somehow exist. They pour the money into shows that are past their best, and let newer shows die before they get the chance to live. So, we asked the question: In order to save a show from getting cancelled, which show would you sacrifice?

13 Reasons Why

Netflix has been cancelling good shows for quite a few years now. These decisions have taken away some influential and essential shows, such as Anne With an E and Atypical. However, shows like 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale keep getting renewed for newer seasons. If I had to cancel a show to bring back the cancelled ones and keep the rest safe, it would have to be 13 Reasons Why.

The show majorly messed up by romanticising mental health issues and traumatic events, such as suicide

Credit: IMDb, Netflix

My decision has many reasons for the ‘why’ but lets list some important ones. The show majorly messed up by romanticising mental health issues and traumatic events, such as suicide. Moreover, given that the narrative revolved around high-school students and aimed for a younger audience demographic, the show further became problematic by not issuing a warning for its viewing. Instead of being taken down, it got renewed for three more seasons. With the damage caused, the later seasons allowed not only further availability and accessibility of its content but were inherently unnecessary, as if watering a dead plant.

So if given a chance, I would opt to cancel 13 Reasons Why not only to keep the excellent content alive (*wink* The Witcher) and thriving, but also bring back narratives representing crucial content such as autism and imaginative, independent young women like Anne. This is an age of information and transformation, with accessibility reaching out to people of all ages, as well as young children. Therefore, it should be mandatory for media platforms to be aware of bringing shows which spread awareness and raise positivity.

Arnojya Shree


As if COVID-19 wasn’t enough for 2020, Netflix decided to cancel some of its most diverse and inclusive shows. But what do they keep? Oh yeah, the one with the predominately white cast that got relatively shit after one and a half seasons (I’m probably being generous there.)

If it means that other, newer shows (see: I Am Not Okay With This) lose funding and their platform, then it should be time to accept defeat

Credit: IMDb, The CW

If I’m being completely honest, I actually loved Riverdale at the start. It almost felt like a more PG version of Twin Peaks, and given it’ll probably be at least another ten years before Lynch considers making season four, I put up with the bad acting, out-of-control storyline and awful writing for three seasons before I gave up.

Netflix should cancel Riverdale. It’s had its run. And whilst I suppose there’s always the possibility for a show to improve, but if it means that other, newer shows (see: I Am Not Okay With This) lose funding and their platform, then it should be time to accept defeat and move on.

And someone please, for the love of god, at least give Jughead a new hat.

Harriet Metcalfe

Black Mirror

I know this isn’t a Netflix Original as such, but I just want the Netflix seasons of it to be deleted from mankind. That includes Bandersnatch.

Black Mirror started off as Channel 4 show pondering the limits of technology, and then the Netflix seasons quickly descended into ‘TECHNOLOGY BAD HUMANS BAD’, and now the show’s bad. Instead of a creepy, thought-provoking plotline, we now get half-arsed concepts and a celebrity lineup. The selling point is genuinely ‘you liked the earlier seasons, so please still watch this show that’s way past its prime. Oh, and *insert random celebrity name* is in it.’

The show’s steep decline in quality once it got taken up by Netflix shows that it’s past its peak

Credit: Netflix, Miley Cyrus Army on Youtube

Saying that, my only motivation for watching the last season was that Miley Cyrus was in an episode, so I guess that tactic still works. ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’ is now the lowest-rated episode, which seems a bit harsh considering the tripe that the show’s brought us. I found that episode more tolerable than ‘Nosedive’ to be honest. Plus, we got a banging Glastonbury performance from Miley Cyrus/Ashley O, rather than the banging headache induced by Bryce Dallas Howard’s acting.

The show’s steep decline in quality once it got taken up by Netflix shows that it’s past its peak, and I’d rather it be left alone. I don’t want more false hope and heartbreak. We need to wake up from the Bandersnatch gimmick and realise that the writing just isn’t good anymore.

Sophie Hicks

The Politician

As Netflix begins to axe more and more of their original series, there’s one that I believe needs to quit while it’s ahead, and that’s The Politician. I thought I’d really enjoy this when it was released. It has a good cast, including the amazing Jessica Lange, and I’ve enjoyed Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s other ventures, so why wouldn’t I like their first Netflix collab?

It doesn’t help that the so-called protagonist is annoying and unlikable

Credit: Netflix, IMDb

To put it simply, I found The Politician boring and shallow. Nothing about it gripped me. It’s just a bunch of rich, spoilt adults unconvincingly portraying high school students, but really what series isn’t guilty of that these days. I get that it’s meant to show in a melodramatic way how politicians will do anything to secure votes. But in the end, it tries to put a positive spin on this philosophy. It doesn’t help that the so-called protagonist Payton Hobart is annoying and unlikable, and I don’t route for him to win the election or gain that coveted place at Harvard he dreams about. I really like Ben Platt, but I hate his character.

I might be being unfair because I didn’t actually finish the first season, but that should be enough to show that The Politician wasn’t worth my time. Every minute seemed to drag as I kept checking the time to see how long was left of the episode. If I truly like a series, I wouldn’t keep waiting for it to end. I have my fingers crossed that Netflix won’t cancel any of their original series I love so much, and if they had to cancel another one to save the rest, The Politician gets my vote for the chop.

Kate Dunkerton

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Last modified: 30th August 2020

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