Why another Brexit extension is a bad idea

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There has been yet another day and yet another time where the Brexit date has been postponed by a few more months. Just when you think the world’s longest running soap opera not on television is about to end, the people in charge add a plot twist.

This latest extension sees the date being extended all the way to 31 January, with a general election on 12 December all but certain. While the situation is still quite muddled and nobody is really sure what’s going to come out of it, one thing is quite clear: no amount of extensions are going to do any good. At some point, a line has to be drawn, and we have to say (for lack of a better phrase) that Brexit means Brexit. With or without a deal, Brexit should mean that Britain gets out of Europe.

Leaving without a deal makes clear the positions of both sides, allowing for compromises to be reached faster

Leaving without a deal may be detrimental in the short term, but at least it will make clear the positions of both sides, and both the UK and the EU can start to negotiate separate deals and agreements, on various issues. This helps eliminate ambiguity about one another’s points of view, allowing for compromises to be reached faster.

Moreover, both parties know that staying with no compromise or agreement will only exacerbate the problems that a no-deal Brexit will bring. That in itself can serve as a motivator of sorts to get things done at a quicker pace than what we’re seeing right now: yes, this idea may be a reach, but it’s not impossible.

All in all, Brexit means Brexit, and it’s time Britain got out of Europe instead of trying to negotiate short term lease agreements.

Grace Piercy’s article in support of another Brexit extension can be found here:  http://www.thecourieronline.co.uk/why-another-brexit-extension-is-a-good-idea/

Last modified: 30th October 2019

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