Why another Brexit extension is a good idea

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Whilst the process of Brexit seems neverending, an eternal Brexit is infinitely preferable to crashing out of the EU with no deal. Having yet another extension to our leave, whilst tedious, ensures that we at least know what’s ahead.

People are panicking, stockpiling their prescriptions and buying fruit in cans, lest a no-deal scenario makes attaining them more expensive or difficult. People shouldn’t have to fear that happening, and I’m sick of Brexiteers claiming that we “just need to have the Blitz spirit”. We shouldn’t have to soldier through. We shouldn’t have to panic. We are not at war, and we should not have to act like we are.

The EU being difficult makes sense: we don’t know what we want, and yet we’re still making demands

Considering the referendum that chose this course of action was based on vague and idealistic lies, we should be taking as long as possible to get an informed deal that actually works for everyone, especially if we won’t be having another referendum. That the EU are being a bit difficult makes total sense to me: we don’t know what we want, and yet we’re making demands?

Just because we’re bored of Brexit, we should not wish it finished

We all want it to be over, of course we do. Brexit has dragged its proverbial heels for three long years. But just because we are bored, we should not wish it finished. Think of it like an essay: if you just submit it because it is too dull to spend more time on, you haven’t done the work properly. Instead, you have pushed it to be done before it was ready, and likely done it poorly.

Sesha Subramanian’s take on why another extension is a bad idea can be found here:  http://www.thecourieronline.co.uk/why-another-brexit-extension-is-a-bad-idea/

Last modified: 30th October 2019

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