Why you should vote for… the Conservatives

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The simple fact of the matter is that our country needs political leadership and direction, and in our system, this can only reliably be provided by a majority government.
The Conservatives are dedicated to helping all Britons with the cost of living
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Realistically, with Labour unelectable in Scotland, only the Conservative Party can deliver this. Through competitive business policies, such as low corporation tax and the slashing of high street business rates, we can deliver a robust and growing economy that will allow for the maintenance of current public spending as well as new public spending projects as the economy grows.

Our party is focused on decreasing the cost of living with practical policies that, rather than creating a crisis of chronic dependency on the state, decrease everyday costs that positively impact the least well-off in society. Increasing the personal tax allowance, for example, helps protect low income earners from losing out to the state; in a similar vein, we plan to remove the tariffs and taxes on certain food items, footwear and clothing, all things on which the worst-off spend a higher proportion of income.

The Conservatives are the only party that will respect the decision to leave the European Union

But most importantly, you should vote Conservative this election because they are ultimately the only party that will respect our country’s democratic decision to leave the European Union and maintain a polity based on the consent of the governed.

Last modified: 26th November 2019

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