Why you should vote for... the Lib Dems

Dominic Lee argues that the Liberal Democrats are worth your vote in the upcoming general election.

Dominic Lee
20th November 2019
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In my opinion, the Liberal Democrats are the party for people who feel as though their voice is not being heard in British politics, particularly on contentious issues such as Brexit and climate change.
Remaining part of the EU is a Lib Dem priority Image: PxHere

The Lib Dems' main goal in this election is stopping Brexit, which is also undoubtedly the most contentious of their plans should they win. There has been much talk of stopping Brexit being “undemocratic” and “going against the will of the people”. However, my counter argument to this would be that if the Lib Dems win the election- under a democratic process- it would show that the will of the people has changed and the public want Brexit to be cancelled. Furthermore, the party argue that stopping Brexit will allow for more funding of public services.

The Lib Dems have also been big advocates of renewable energy and have pledged £100 billion to combat climate change, which is a huge issue in today's society. The party’s target is to generate 80% of electricity from renewables by 2030.

The Lib Dems want to increase health and social care funding, and to treat mental health as having equal importance to physical health

Additionally, the Lib Dems want to add an extra penny onto income tax to improve funding for health and social care which will see an extra £6 billion invested into these services. They also want to treat mental health as having equal importance to physical health.

Education will also be reformed in a Lib Dem government with an extra £10 billion invested into schools, used mainly to recruit a target number of 20 000 more teachers.

The Liberal Democrats are the party to vote for in the upcoming general election, but whatever party you’re voting for, make sure you have your say.

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