Why you should watch Queer Eye

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Season 3 of Queer Eye has been released and here’s why you should watch it.

In a few words, Queer Eye is a makeover show which people are nominated by their friends and family to feature in, but it is so much more than that. Nominees on the show open up their lives to the presenters Karamo, Bobby, Antoni, Tan and Jonathan: the Fab Five. Each of the Fab Five has a different area of expertise, including food and wine, culture, and interior design.

Queer Eye is a joyful, bright show to watch. It is bursting with love, from the Fab Five’s friendship with each other to the respect they show the nominees. I watch a lot of television shows and this is by far one of my favourites, especially when I’m anxious or low. The Fab Five are extremely likeable and make the show what it is.

Alongside the show being a great way of spending your downtime, Queer Eye is also beautifully real. This show is so important, because it shows the Fab Five authentically being themselves, with no apologies. I don’t think this show will ever lose relevance as it is a source of light in our current times of bullying, discrimination and the pressures magnified through social media.

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Most importantly, this show reminds me that there is strength in opening up. You should definitely give it a try.

Last modified: 22nd August 2019

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