Wildlife returns to West Jesmond during lockdown

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With many students returning to their family homes after Boris Johnson first announced the lockdown on 23 March, wildlife has begun to flourish in the student suburbs. West Jesmond is no expection.

Medical student Eloise James spotted one prime example of this in a window on Forsyth Road. Posting this picture on Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange, Eloise noted that “there’s an angry pigeon stuck in the upstairs bedroom.”

This makes an unusual change to the spiders, slugs and occasional rats seen in student properties, and suggests that the biodiversity of student habitats is on the rise while residences remain vacant.

After stumbling across the image on Facebook, the tenants notified their landlord who immediately opened the window and let the bird fly to freedom. The investigation as to how the pigeon managed to break into the property remains ongoing.

The suspect in question has been approached for comment, but so far has not yet responded to our requests sent by Courier pigeon.

Last modified: 4th May 2020

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