Word of the Week: Cephalopod

Written by Science

There comes a time in every young adult’s life where their legal guardians sit them down and ask some tough questions. What do you plan to do with your life? Why is a small balloon blocking the toilet? What is a Cephalopod?

Well, my scientific friends, today you will be prepared to answer one of those three burning questions. Cephalopods are our mollusc friends who came to power during the Ordovician period, which was a long time (485.4 million years) ago. There are many fun types of Cephalopod. The octopus that predicted the world cup was one. Cthulu, throdog r’luhhor ah ehyeahog.

Seeing as out of the two examples I have given both creatures are revered as gods, you’d be right in thinking that they are smart. They have amazing dexterity, can use tools, and kill prey with surprising and often scary efficiency. Don’t let these guys near books, ok?

Last modified: 9th February 2018

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