You and your kin…and the telly-box

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We know it’s daunting spending an entire day trapped indoors, just you and your kin, so we’ve collected the best shows to get you through a day with your family.

1. Keeping up with the Kardashians


By 4 o’clock on Christmas day, when Auntie Sue’s nine sherries and two boxes of After Eights in åç dishing the dirt on every family secret since 1945, it might be helpful to be reminded that there are families more dramatic than yours. It’s comforting even if the handbags at your gaffe aren’t quite as fabulous.

2. Game of Thronesgotweb


Nothing like spending a couple of hours watching a cavalcade of murder, treachery and manipulation to make you appreciate the family you’ve got. Remind yourself that there are worst ways for Christmas dinner to end than your dad scarfing leftover brussels sprouts and filling the room with noxious gases. Perhaps best not to watch with Grandma, though.

3. The Addams Family


Channel Wednesday when Grandma’s asking for the fifth time why you haven’t got a boyfriend yet; think Gomez when you need to be enthusiastic about unwrapping another pair of socks. You’ll definitely be doing a Lurch imitation when the Boxing Day hangover kicks in. At this time of optimism and goodwill to all men, bring a little gloom into your life and remind yourself that, though your family might be nutcases, they’re your nutcases.

4. Orange is the New Black

Image: Netflix

Image: Netflix

We’re not saying that Christmas Day with your family is comparable to life in a women’s prison, but you have to admit that there’s some similarities: enforced time in an enclosed space with people you don’t necessarily like, but have to spend time with; strange food combinations; undercurrents of tension; a notably unique understanding of social norms and political correctness.

Last modified: 14th December 2015

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