“YOU ARE NEWCASTLE” HSBC tells Nottingham

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If you’ve been out and about in any British cities recently, you may have noticed posters promoting HSBC’s ‘we are not an island’ campaign.The campaign is intended to celebrate multi-culturalism in modern Britain. As part of the campaign, posters have been erected in many UK cities. They are tailored to the city they are placed in, and celebrate each city’s individual culture.

The poster for Newcastle, for instance, features references to ‘stottie bread’ and ‘magpies’.The poster for Nottingham refers to the city as ‘more than an outlaw’s city’, and features many references to the famous ‘Robin Hood’ legend.Yet, someone at HSBC seems to have mixed the two posters up.
Twitter user James Hewitt recently posted photos of a ‘You are Newcastle’ sign, which had inexplicably been erected in Nottingham.HSBC apologised via Twitter, writing: ‘Correction. You are NOT Newcastle (apologies Nottingham). More seriously, thanks for pointing this out’.
The mistake has, presumably, since been rectified, but that didn’t stop Twitter users from poking fun at HSBC’s error.

User Philip West wrote: ‘Look forward to seeing the Mags putting pictures of Robin Hood, Brian Clough, and Trent Bridge cricket ground on their next flag! #SAFC #NUFC’.

Last modified: 23rd October 2019

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