You had me at scrunchies: timeless 90s fashion

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With rumours of a Friends reboot circulating the internet, increased attention has been placed upon the 90s and the impact of this decade on our current one and how it managed to shape the history of fashion. The 90s were an iconic era that, for most of us, are a distant memory. The styles that dominated the TV screen certainly shook the fashion industry with some trends that are even re-emerging today.

The classic look that we all associate with the teen comedy film Clueless is the chequered skirt suits. Worn by the main characters in a variety of colours, these suits add a sense of business to the casual school day. They are both professional yet funky with their bright yellow and blue. The mini skirt contributes to the playful nature of this outfit by encouraging a contrast between business and fun. Whilst this is not a fashion trend that has re-emerged in the 21st century, it is something that will always be remembered and never goes amiss at a Halloween party.

A timeless classic that dominated the stage in the 90s is the dungaree. This garment of clothing has been around for centuries with its invention in 1792 providing protective clothing for men involved in extensive manual labour. By the 1990s, dungarees were certainly no longer needed for this purpose, therefore, becoming more of a fashion icon. Rachel from Friends is a prime example of a 90s TV star who owned the stage with this trend. Coupled with a nice top or your favourite jumper, this is an outfit that can be worn anywhere. Dungarees are a fashion icon that has transcended all time and cultural boundaries and are certainly making a comeback today.

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Crop tops are another example of the impact that 90s fashion has had on the trends of today. Crop tops were emerging across all TV shows in the 90s from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Full House. Everyone, both guy and girl, was wearing them, extending their popularity from the screen to real life. The craze did not stop here however. Ever since its boom in the 1990s, crop tops have delved in and out of fashion as the seasons come and go, making them a timeless classic for young and old.

Whilst the 90s may seem like a lifetime ago to many of us, with some students not even experiencing this decade at all, the fashion trends that arose and developed throughout this period are continually having an impact on styles today. Whilst not all trends made it out of this era, a lot are being grabbed up by stylists every year and re-emerging on the fashion market.  

Last modified: 12th March 2020

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