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It is a struggle knowing what clothes to bring for university – attempting to fit your entire wardrobe into a suitcase is no mean feat! University is the perfect time to try new things and this includes fashion, too. We have compiled our fashion essentials for freshers in case you need to top up your wardrobe now you’ve arrived in the Toon, or to inspire you to try new styles.

Puffer Jacket

No surprises here – this is an essential if you want to survive the cold Newcastle winter months ahead. Luckily, puffer jackets have become an on trend item in recent years meaning you can be warm and stylish all in one go. Puffers are perfect for walking across the wind tunnel that is Leazes Park on those frosty mornings in December. Paired with some flares and Nike Air Forces, this look is perfect for going to lectures in. North Face puffers are incredibly popular here, but if you want an inexpensive alternative Zara has a good selection.

Flares are one of the most common items of clothing on campus. This doesn’t mean you will merely blend in when you wear them though; available in a range of colours and materials, you are bound to find a pair that fits with your style. Flares are a comfortable option to wear to lectures but are equally stylish when worn on a night out. Team flares with a bandeau or bralette for a sleek night out look. Most high street retailers sell a range of flares, but be warned when ordering online as some sites tend to sell incredibly long trousers!

Whilst not exactly a high fashion item, hoodies are a lifesaver at university. They are easy to throw on over a top for extra warmth and are incredibly comfortable to wear in lectures. During the colder months, bringing a hoodie on a night out instead of a coat or jacket is so useful as you keep slightly warm on the walk but can easily tie it around your waist in the club instead of frantically looking for a cloakroom.

Black trainers
Black trainers are a stylish essential for freshers. Wearing white trainers on a night out will last about two weeks before you realise they are too dirty to keep wearing. This is where black trainers come in. They look equally as good with your outfits as white trainers yet they are much easier to keep clean. If you plan on wearing black trousers or a skirt then black trainers seamlessly complete the outfit better than white trainers would. Black slip-on Vans or Adidas Gazelles are great options if you are looking to invest, or you could take a trip to Primark on Northumberland Street and find an affordable pair that you won’t mind getting ruined.

Fancy Dress
Whether your part of a sports team or not, you will need fancy dress at some point this year. Halloween is only a month away anyways and there will be multiple themed nights out to celebrate. In order not to break the bank on costumes you will only wear once, it is best to stock up on accessories for different outfits such as a police hat, cat ears or an angel halo and create the rest of the look from what’s already in your wardrobe. Glitter is also a great essential for fancy dress so stock up early on.

Last modified: 25th September 2019

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