Your Freshers’ Week roundup from NUTV, NSR and the Courier

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The messiest week of the year has come to a close. As we know that your recollection of last week is probably a little fuzzy, your trusty student media has been documenting your highs and lows all week for you to look back on with fondness (and possibly embarassment) for many years to come.


The week kicked off with a performance by Rudimental outside of the SU. Despite the rain, and concerns that the Clasp would be in the way of the stage, it was widely agreed that the night was a success.
Carl Smith Valdez, a part of NUTV’s film crew, thoroughly enjoyed the performance.
“Rudimental has livened up the Student Union with many students dancing and chanting to every single line of their remixed songs. The vibe was indeed infectious, and just capturing that on camera… It’s just captivating!”


For those not too hungover from Sunday night, the daytime events on Monday were a treat. Freshers enjoyed Newcastle classics from visiting the Angel of the North to going to

the Gate for a grub crawl. Another Freshers’ favourite is the cocktail class at Revolution, and event that had I attended, I might not be drinking Strongbow Dark Fruits into my third year.

If you managed to keep your wristband on while shaking those strawberry daiquiris, you’d have had access to Bigg Market’s biggest nightclubs such as The Cut, Bierkeller and Tup Tup where Love Island‘s Molly Mae was there to do… I’m not sure exactly. Either way,  the atmosphere was great as the Freshers’ were buzzing for their first night out on the Toon.


Wednesday’s daytime events included one of my personal favourites: Mog on the Tyne. There’s nothing better for the soul than sitting in this cute little cafe with a cup of coffee and a pretty kitty on your lap. This particular event was a games night, giving Freshers’ the chance to learn the evil, competitive side of their new flatmates real fast.
This day seemed to be dedicated to old-people activities appropriated for eighteen-year-olds, as the main night-time event was Bingo Revolution! As usual, this event went down a treat with students eager to get drunk and yell stuff. Isn’t that what this week is all about?

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” appears to be a NUSU Fresher’s motto, and this certainly applies to Pandomonium at the gate. This was, and usually is, the biggest night of Freshers’ Week, spanning from Eden (R.I.P Tiger Tiger), Players, Wetherspoons and Wanderbar.

However, when asked about the success of the night, Freshers’ Crew member Joe Molander expressed concern that some students were taking their drinking too far as “a tonne” of people visited the medical tent during Pandamonium. While university, particularly in the Toon, is great for nights out, we want to encourage everyone to put their health first this year and be careful of how much they’re drinking.


For better or for worse, this week was memorable for so many Freshers and thanks to Freshers’ Film Crew, they can relive these events all over again. On filming the week’s events, NUTV station manager Haaris Qureshi stated: ‘I think what surprised me the most was the consistent engagement and enthusiasm from Freshers throughout the weak, even through the rain, especially on Friday! A testament to the work the organisers put in. ‘And my Film Crew did an amazing job capturing all this enthusiasm, so make sure to go to our channel and see if we managed to catch any of you on camera!’

Carl Smith Valdrez added that: “For film crew, our supervisors have been truly supportive and organised. Being a part of the crew has honestly made be feel like a part of a family and has allowed me yo build strong friendship groups I have never imagined before.”

Click here to see more Freshers’ Week coverage on NUTV’s Youtube channel.

Newcastle Student Radio Twitter


NUTV weren’t the only ones who were busy this week. Not only were Newcastle Student Radio playing great tunes outside the SU all week, they also

worked hard every night to provide us with Freshers’ Pres shows. If you were too afraid to let your housemates know how many Spice Girls songs are on your party playlist, the NSR Pres Show provided the perfect blend of club tunes, Newcastle classics and requests from their Instagram followers (@ThisIsNSR, in case you didn’t know).

If you missed out you can listen to the bops and the banter right here or visit the sidebar to listen to NSR Live right now!



There would be no Freshers’ without Freshers’ crew. Despite the hard work, Joe Molander found the experience to be rewarding.

“It was a very long week: our crew were on duty until 1am three times, and we were always going to an activity or putting up tables or taking them down again. It still a lot of fun though, and it was great to meet new people and to help get the Freshers settled. Felt like we were giving a little bit back to the uni, which is good because until now the only thing I’d given to the uni was a measly nine thousand pounds a year.”

On that note, that is the end of the Freshers’ Week roundup 2019! A huge congrats to all of the organisers and on behalf of student media we hope you all had as much fun as we did.

Last modified: 30th September 2019

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