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Starting university is without a doubt one of the most exciting times of your life. Freshers’ week will most likely be one of the most socially charged, memorable and enjoyable weeks of your student life. Ultimately, freshers’ week is that time to let your hair down (both literally and metaphorically) and get totally stuck in!
Whether it’s your trusty concealer or a glitter nail varnish, here’s a list we’ve compiled of the top 12 essential beauty and skincare items that every student should pop into their bags ready to slay freshers’ everyday.

1. The Eyeshadow Palette: (Morphe 35B Color Burst Artistry Palette) From a muted, barely-there shadow to a vivid cut-crease fit for the gods. Endless looks can be created with just one varied palette and a perfect way to experiment with whatever outfit you are wearing. Best thing is this palette is suitable and has a lasting pigment on all skin tones and shades.
2. The Lip Gloss: (Natural Collection) Gloss is everything when it comes to effortless daily looks. It can be the finishing touch or the only touch, as you don’t need a full face of make-up when you can simply pop on some clear gloss and, hey presto, you’re ready to go. Apply on top of a good quality lip moisturiser also, such as Blistex lip care to keep them looking and feeling healthy.
3. The Mascara: They say your eyes are the window to your soul, so open them up! The most important thing to remember is to always go for waterproof so you’re protected from both Newcastle downpours and sweat-tastic bars.
4. The Leave-in Conditioner: (Cantu Leave-in conditioning cream) Whilst you are getting used to the late nights and early mornings of freshers’, giving your hair a full MOT is not always possible, so a leave-in conditioner is vital to breathe some life back in as they add moisture and detangle.
5. The Micellar Water: We’ve all been there. Back from a night out, stomach full from a takeaway on the journey home, desperate to finally be horizontal and call it a night, but the realisation hits that our make-up is still sitting firm and tidy on our skin and our pores are not happy about that at all. A splash of micellar water on a biodegradable cotton pad (Body Shop £2.50) is essential and pretty hassle-free, so take a moment and your skin will thank you the next morning.
6. The Nail Varnish: Rich in colour, rich in life! And if you don’t already have a star-studded glitter varnish in your cosmetic stash, then are you really ready for freshers’? Barry M sell cute polishes in a wide range of colours for prices that won’t put a dent into your student loan.
7. The Face Mask: (L’Oréal Clay Pots) Underrated. Essential. Important. The pace of freshers’ week can take its toll on our skin. One needs to take a moment for oneself, whether it’s on a day you can lie-in or whilst having dinner before pre-drinks commence, to pop on a face mask. Lush sell tons of masks for different skin types that will last ages and, luckily for you, they have a store in Eldon Square.
8. The Earplugs: Everyone needs their beauty sleep! A well-rested student is a happy student and noise-cancelling earplugs may be the thing you never realised you needed in your life. Specifically the foam ones that mould to you ear for a perfect fit are great and will ensure a thorough sleep, despite the occasional bass drop and chatter down the corridor.
9. The Suncream: OK, so Newcastle may not be summer all year round, however suncream or an SPF based product should be worn daily to maximise protection and improve skin wellbeing in the long-term. Prevention is better than cure, so protect your precious skin cells from those UV rays and maintain that glow. PSA – sun creams also act as a pretty good primer so it’s a win-win.
10. The Setting Spray: Will have your looks popping and lasting from sweaty Soho to the post-night McDonalds trip.

Last modified: 22nd September 2019

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