Za-Ra Bizarre: a taste of this season’s colourful collection

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It’s that time of year again when brand’s hotly anticipated Autumn/Winter collections are being released and Zara certainly has not failed to deliver the goods. Yes, the winter blues may be looming and days may be becoming duller but that does not mean your wardrobe has to follow suit.

Zara is a brand that never fails to inspire, energise and challenge the high street fashion world. Setting the bar high with an effortlessly chic look, their Autumn/Winter knitwear collection this year oozes luxury, comfort and individuality. Featuring an array of rich colours, decadent fabrics, exquisite prints and ornate jewels and accessories, there is a tasteful ripple of colour running throughout most pieces. This is somewhat unusual, especially for an A/W collection as we often associate traditional, warm, subtle autumnal shades such as brown, navy, beige, burgundy etc. Don’t be mistaken however, as these classic hues are not going anywhere. They can still be seen throughout the collection yet they’ve been blended and contrasted with pops of colours and prints which bring a unique vibrancy, perhaps unforeseen for many.

[pullquote]It’s time to say goodbye to your go-to grey sweater that’s served you well for years, in favour for something a little more fun[/pullquote]

As a fashion enthusiast, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between the scientifically recommended ways of using colour to lift moods and spirits during the gloomier seasons and the very colours we wear in everyday life to visually stimulate the senses and improve our mental and physical health. Zara’s knitwear provides a not only a cosy, comfortable feel but also a plethora of colour and prints (floral, animal and abstract) which act as a great way to invigorate your wardrobe and give us a feel-good factor.

Whether you are on the hunt for a cable-knit cardigan or an oversized turtleneck, look no further than Zara. As a brand, they pride themselves on being able to set trends and produce the annual must-have staple pieces that get snatched up the second they hit the shelves.Yet this deviation from traditional autumn colours this year can be interpreted as somewhat of a call for creativity and pushing boundaries during a season when fashion can often seem to slump in appearance and expression.

It’s time to say goodbye to your go-to grey sweater that’s served you well for years, in favour for something a little more fun. In addition, the great thing about Zara’s collection is that we can get these stylish and lavish looks for prices that do not break the student budget.

Maybe the take home message from Zara’s A/W knitwear collection this year is that despite the reality that winter is upon us (*cue the gloomy mornings, dull skies and lectures spent under a mound of jumpers and scarves*) these new autumn colours can in fact soothe our winter blues. We can use colour to express and stimulate ourselves, allowing us to not only feel better on the inside but boast confidence and positivity on the outside.

Experiment with colour. Rebel with colour. Express with colour. This Autumn/Winter.

Last modified: 26th October 2018

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