00-No! – Newcastle City Council ‘strips’ club of right to open

Newcastle City Council have rejected plans for a 'James Bond meets Playboy club'

Ruby Story Dartford
18th November 2021
Image Credit: @bijouxbarnewcastle

Newcastle City Council have scrapped plans for a ‘James Bond meets Playboy club’ as council members fear it will lead to further misogyny for women

The club set to replace Newcastle’s Pizza Express in Dean Steet has been rejected following concerns that the niche idea would only appeal to a ‘shrinking male demographic’. There were concerns that staff would be treated as sexual objects because of the ‘scantily clad’ attire.

Plans for the members-only club were unveiled this summer, yet the Cad Club has since been denied a licence following concerns that the theme misinterpreted women. Community safety boss, Joan Flood described the idea as a ‘retrograde step’.

The committee concluded that the opening of the venue would lead to a ‘negative impact’ on crime, disorder, and public nuisance within the city centre. Councillors rejected plans for the club to remain open till 3am, which exceeds the city’s alcohol licensing cut off at 2am.

Bijoux Leisures Ltd’s, Dan Miller objected the claims of misogyny and said the Cad Club would be a venue for ‘like-minded people’. He also referenced that there had been no other interest in the venue and that his idea had been misunderstood, to which he found the criticism of misogyny as ‘deeply offensive’.

Miller ensured that staff, both male and female, would be given a budget to choose their ‘glamourous and upmarket’ clothing to suit the aesthetic, with the clubs approach more of a 1960s style venue rather than that of a place for sexual objectification.

We need to be going forward not backwards into the 1950s

Lesley storey

Newcastle Women’s Aid revealed concerns over the plans which would be, ‘reinforcing [that] girls are for sexual entertainment, and this somehow is male entitlement’. Newcastle councillor Lesley Storey said: ‘we need to be going forwards not backwards into the 1950s’ with fears that the club would ‘promote waitresses as sex objects’

Yet not everyone is in favour of the council’s decision. Newcastle University student Emily Hughes said: ‘If women need a job and they know they have to dress like that, and they’re happy to do so, they can, it’s their choice, it’s autonomy’

If women need a job and they know they have to dress like that, and they're happy to do so, they can, it's their choice

Emily Hughes

Whilst some viewed the club as a place for empowerment for women, others weren’t as sold on the James Bond concept to which Newcastle student Daniel Wales labelling it as ‘strange’.

Journalism student, Lauren Johnson said: ‘There isn’t a market for a club of that type, women face enough misogyny without a nightclub that focuses on a Playboy theme’

A spokesman from Northumbria Police, Julie Cottiss said she had ‘grave concerns’ over the opening of the club.

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AUTHOR: Ruby Story Dartford
Journalist Student studying at Newcastle University.

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