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This week’s beauty brand favourite may be pretty new on the UK scene.

Laura Buckle
19th February 2018
Image Credit: @hudabeauty (Instagram)

This week’s beauty brand favourite may be pretty new on the UK scene. But, this beauty empire has been ruling the middle east for years now with their infamous lashes, creamy matte liquid lips and lovable business-woman turned beauty influencer, Huda Kattan. Sold in the UK via Selfridges, Harrods and Cult Beauty, Huda Beauty is a brand for the full-coverage, pigment lovers of the world. Huda are most recognised for their distinctive ‘eye’ design packaging and just overall being a semi-affordable, blogosphere favourite which deserves all the love it gets.

Their first products which really had MUA’s raving was their eyelashes line; specifically, their ‘Samantha’ lash. As a completely cruelty-free line, Huda’s lashes promise a dramatic eye without being “too much” and are designed to last up to 12 wears to keep that fluttery, layered look for as long as possible. Initially, in a market of £1 Primark or £6 Eylure eyelashes, £15 for one pair originally made beauty-lovers cringe. But honestly, they’re 100% worth it.

And luckily for us, it doesn’t just stop at their lashes. Huda Beauty’s range of eyeshadows palettes are just as worthy to rave about. Although their highlighters, matte liquid lipsticks and flawless #FauxFilter foundation also deserve a place in this ode to Huda Beauty, their eyeshadow range deserves the top spot for me. As some of the creamiest eyeshadows in the beauty game at the moment, this brand’s palettes put makeup giants MAC and Urban Decay to shame. The Desert Dusk palette for starters is every MUA’s necessity including a mix of 18 bold mattes, iridescent shimmers and vivid glitters to experiment with. After all, who doesn’t want to look like an Arabian goddess? And the same goes for their Textured Shadows Rose Gold palette which promises that “very on-trend” reddish smoky eye again with a mixture of 18 shades. Although like Huda’s eyelashes the palettes are on the pricey side at £56, every eyeshadow in the palettes are both long-lasting and super pigmented which makes the price very reasonable. However, if price is a big determining factor, you can instead opt for a pocket-size, 9 shade palettes from the ‘Obsessions’ range, which are all individually ‘to die for’ and will only set you back £25. With ‘warm brown’, ‘mauve’, ‘smoky’ and ‘electric’ options with the same blend-ability, pigmentation and long-lasting power as the Desert Dusk and Rose Gold palettes, as soon as you add one of these minis to your make-up collection you will just want to have them all! And don’t go worrying about make-up inspiration, Huda’s social channels are filled with tutorials and their Instagram is probably one of the most active accounts out there, so you can also ‘slay’ makeup looks like a pro.

Although some bloggers have complained about their shadows ‘fall-out’ or ‘crumbly’ qualities, overall it seems difficult to criticise almost anything within the Huda range. The range is filled with on-trend, completely worth it products with “Instagram-able” packaging fit for any make-up lover, professional or even beginner. So, it’s a 10/10 for Huda Beauty from me.

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