Beauty hack or just whack

Tilly Parry analyses the weird and wonderful beauty tricks our fave celebrities swear by

6th March 2017

Everyone likes a good beauty tip, especially weird and DIY ones. Who can forget @NikkiTutorials’ famous endorsement of Nivea After Shaving Balm as a primer, which led to it being sold out of most drugstores and supermarkets? But some other celebrity hacks and advice aren’t always quite as handy…

#1  KATE MIDDLETON – Nutella Face Mask

Quite frankly, with all the taxes being used to fun the royal family, I’m a little disappointed with this. If you’re a real-life Duchess, I’m expecting your skin regime to involve caviar and diamonds and unicorn blood. But according to Middleton’s beautician, Deborah Mitchell, the easy-to-make facial includes Nutella, sugar, and some lip balm, which would cost no more than a tenner. It’s not that wild of an idea: chocolate has anti-ageing antioxidants, sugar is an established exfoliant, and the lip balm would provide some moisturisation.  If you’re going to try this, experts recommend brown sugar rather than granulated because of its softness. Also, try adding a tsp of honey or almond oil for dry skin.

#2  SNOOKI – Cat Litter Scrub

Yes, I know, the joke’s on me, really, for listening to any advice Snooki has. But this was too ridiculous not to include. Snooki, of Jersey Shore fame, has claimed that using cat litter is a cheap way to exfoliate your skin. In case your common sense has temporarily left you: no, this is a terrible idea, do not attempt, do not collect £200. The clumps, while clay-like, will definitely scratch your skin, leaving you with more blemishes and damaged pores than before, and the artificial scent will irritate your skin. After reading about this tip, I’m very tempted to just send her a nice tea tree scrub in the post myself.

#3  LADY GAGA   Sellotape Glitter Removal

This was more of a tip from Poker Face era Gaga, but it still holds true, and I’m here for it. All glitter wearers know the morning-after struggle of desperately scrubbing at one’s face only to spread the cursed flakes around rather than actually remove them. A less-sticky tape will probably be best for this hack so as not to damage your skin, and make sure to use some calming toner afterwards. Here’s to no longer showing up to your 9ams with the sparkling evidence of your previous night!

#4  ZOE SALDANA/BLAKE LIVELY – Mayonnaise Conditioner

Mavbe I’ve just spent too long researching this article, but this one does make some sort of sense. The oils of the condiment supposedly protect your hair from the harsh effects of shampoo. Some people also claim that it has enough protein to help heal damaged ends, but this is a myth – mayonnaise does use eggs as its main ingredient, obviously, but it uses the yolk rather than the egg whites, where most of the protein is actually found. I also can’t help but feel that investing in a good conditioner or oil treatment from the drugstore is a far better use of your time. Personally, I prefer a just-came-from-the-salon rather than a lost-a-fight-with-a-delicatessen scent for my hair, but maybe that’s just me.

#5  VICTORIA BECKHAM  – Nightingale Faeces Facial

Not exactly a DIY tip, but this is something that Tom Cruise, Harry Styles and Angelina Jolie all swear by, and it’s certainly weird enough to be on this list. It’s a traditional Japanese Geisha facial known as ‘uguisu no fun’ that, as mentioned above, involves smearing a mask of nightingale droppings over your face. And yes, Victoria Beckham has the skin of a well-moisturised vampire, but I’m really not sure having bird poo on your face is worth it. And at £180 per facial at only a few London spas, the closest we’re all probably going to come to this is having a pigeon ruin your day – and hair – at Grey’s Monument.

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