2 Delights, 1 Nightmare: The Best and Worst of TikTok Food Trends

A review of the best and worst food trends to grace the platform of TikTok

Emily Kelso
21st March 2022
Image: clamorworld

I will start this article with a disclamer – I do not have a TikTok account nor the app In spite of this, TikTok trends have managed to invade almost every facet of life I hold dear such as music: the UK’s entry for Eurovision, I have been informed, is prominent on the platform. TikTok food trends have even appeared on YouTube, being reviewed by channels such as Sorted Food. It is here where I have learnt which TikTok food trends are the cream of the crop and which need to be dropped.

Let’s start with a classic: potato. How can one improve the humble potato? PoppyCooks’ 15 Hour Potatoes might be the answer. Her recipe includes thinly slicing potatoes, smothering them in duck fat/salt and then layering the potatoes into a bread tin. Once cooked for 3 hours and sliced, the potatoes are then fried and ready for eating. It might involve more time and preparation but there is no doubt the results pay off. The use of Duck Fat may seemingly exclude vegetarians, but I anticipate soaking the potatoes in vegetable stock would work too.

Chocolate bombs are intended to be a level up in hot chocolate making and honestly, I agree. They consist of hollow globes of tempered chocolate filled with drinking chocolate and marshmallow, which when complete are added to milk. It is easy to adapt this recipe and experiment with fillings: why not swap out marshmallows for cubes of fudge? The possibilities are endless!

Truly the worst TikTok trend has to be the Sprite Pie. The recipe is as follows: place pastry into pie tin; add Sprite; sprinkle even more sugar; add flour; grate butter on top; place into oven and pray for a miracle. How on God’s green Earth does anybody expect this liquid monstrosity to magically turn into a proper pie?! It truly has the soggiest of bottoms and quite frankly it is a waste of both Sprite and time.

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AUTHOR: Emily Kelso
Third year History and Archaeology student. Also a Comment Sub-Editor.

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