Fashion icon: DRAKE

Miranda Stoner tells us why Drake in his Hotline Bling video is our new style icon

9th November 2015

Celebrity style icons can shape our daily outfit choices, they offer someone to carry the responsibilty of inspiring a nation to dress well with their indisputable sense of style and poise. However, with Proudlock’s notable absence from MIC and Pharrell’s sell out to Adidas, we are all on the search for someone fresh and creative who can set the bar as to what’s hot and what’s not.

In light of his recent music video ‘Hotline Bling’ I believe we need look no further than Drake to fill the shoes of previous icons such as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. In the video, Drake shows us how to dress to impress with four back to back show stopping outfits.

“Drake proves that it is still possible to seduce in an owl hoodie and tracksuit bottoms”

Take for example the first outfit in the vid. I’d always wondered what would happen if you cropped a sleeping bag to make a jacket, but I guess now I know. That said, although it may be a white fur trim short of a Santa Jacket when paired with the casual white t-shirt and dusty-whale toned jeans, here is an outfit more wearable than most of the things you see on the cat walk. What’s more, Drake is rocking an androgynous style that men and women alike can imitate.

Now for his second outfit. If we were to start from the bottom and work our way up, you would first notice his pair of swanky white trainers which stand out perfectly against his otherwise black outfit. They create a look reminiscent of the pure understated style of a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the TV. Yet Drake proves that it is still possible to seduce in an owl hoodie and tracksuit bottoms. Perhaps it’s the shameless way he wears his own brand clothing, but then again it’s probably got something to do with those dance moves of his. Just bear in mind if you want to replicate this look you’ll need to get creative because that owl sweatshirt is all sold out online.

If you weren’t yet convinced that Drake deserves style icon status, then outfit three is sure to pull him up in your estimations. I would go as far as to call this look ground-breaking. Yes we’ve all seen a grey ribbed roll neck sweater, it’s a fisherman’s staple. Yes we’ve all seen beige chinos, but rolled up at the hem and combined with that jumper- that’s a different story. Also those Timberland boots must be the best shoes he’s ever owned because he already cracked them out in outfit one.

As for outfit number four it’s true to say that the best has been saved for last. Drake know exactly what he’s doing with that Danny Zuko style jacket. By contrasting a white hoodie with dark jacket and jeans, Drake proves that looking suave isn’t always about being overstated. Meanwhile his office style black boots add a fancy touch to show his fashion versatility. Here simple is sweet. The key inspiration to take from this look is probably the bicolour layers.

Finally just remember: the haters are gonna hate, but follow the lead of this style icon you’ll be able to simply Drake it off.

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